We’ve all heard the phrase “Prevention is better than cure”, which is used to say that it is better to stop a problem from happening than dealing with it after it has occurred. Prevention really is the key to many things about life such as health and beauty, as well as looking youthful or preventing certain signs of aging.

What is Preventative Skincare and Why is it Important

Starting early in taking better care of your skin gives you a better fighting chance in preventing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and other issues. Since there is no way to stop or turn back the clock, it is best to put more of your efforts into protecting your skin to slow down the aging process. 

Aging skin and a decline in collagen and elastin

Collagen and elastin are essential skin proteins responsible for giving the skin strength, elasticity, and firmness. The body makes an abundance of these two when you’re young, but starts to produce less of them as you age. Both collagen and elastin, furthermore, are vulnerable to changes caused by UV exposure and pollution. 

A decline and damage to these two skin proteins can lead to wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Genetics and gravity also have an impact on skin elasticity. Other factors such as smoking, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition (too much sugar and refined carbs) can 

also accelerate the loss of skin elasticity.

There is also the issue of dark spots or hyperpigmentation, which is easy to get but hard to fade or resolve. Overexposure to the sun is the main culprit, which can also make existing marks and patches worse. This, along with wrinkling and sagging, can give the skin a dull and tired appearance.

Take care of your skin now

Signs of aging are likely to occur or become more noticeable earlier if you fail to take care of your skin now. The sad part is once they have developed, it is challenging to correct them or go back. It is also likely for these signs of aging to get worse if you don’t treat them or continue to neglect your skin. 

Regular skin care is important and this doesn’t have to involve multiple steps or 7 to 10 products. A good routine will not just help you keep your skin in good condition, but also make it look more glowing and youthful than before. The same is also true for undergoing certain aesthetic treatments like facials and chemical peels

What does preventive skincare look like? 

While your skin may look okay today, this doesn’t mean that you should skimp on taking care of it. Keeping healthy and glowing skin requires effort, especially if you want to avoid extra anti-aging treatments down the line. 

Here are a few things you can include in a preventative skincare regimen:

Wash your face twice a day – Cleanse every morning and night to get rid of dirt, makeup, skincare residue, and other impurities in your skin. Knowing how to properly cleanse your face can also help you prevent clogged pores and allow your skin to properly absorb other protective skincare products.

Exfoliate gently and regularly – Doing so slough off dead skin cells, while also helping you get rid of excess oil, dirt, and other impurities. It is also beneficial in brightening the skin and allowing products to penetrate better and more deeply. Just be sure to use gentle exfoliants and avoid harsh scrubs or abrasives. 

Moisturize always – This is one of the best things you can do to protect your skin. It helps your skin stay young, as well as maintain its balance to reduce chances of skin problems. You might want to look for a formula with hyaluronic acid, as it can hold on to water and replenish moisture, as well as improve the skin’s appearance. 

Add skincare with antioxidant propertiesVitamin C serum is a preventative skincare product that offers protection against UV damage. It can also help hydrate and moisturize the skin, as well as lighten dark spots and skin discoloration. You can use it in the morning for further sun protection, but be sure to layer it under a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Another good product to add to your skincare is vitamin A or retinol. This can help stimulate skin cell turnover, replacing dull and dead ones with new cells. Retinol also helps unclog pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Just make sure to start slow and never mix it with vitamin C. You can apply vitamin C serum in the morning and retinol at night.

Use an eye cream or serum – As you know, the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body. For this reason, it is quick to show signs of aging. Using a quality eye cream or serum allows you to tackle the most common eye area concerns, such as puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. 

Don’t forget sunscreen – As the sun poses a lot of risk to your skin, it only makes sense to protect it against the UV rays. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and make sure to apply the right amount. Don’t skimp on it or forget commonly neglected areas. You should also limit sun exposure and use a hat or sunglasses.

Tackle acne and other blemishes – It is ideal to prevent lines and wrinkles, but you should also mind your acne, as it can lead to dark spots and scars. Use an effective spot treatment and take medications prescribed by a doctor. And if you’re finding it hard to manage your acne, see a skin or aesthetic doctor

Adopt positive lifestyle habits – Having a good preventative skincare routine is good, but it is not the only way to prevent damage. You should also mind certain habits, especially those that are proven to accelerate aging. These include smoking, drinking too much alcohol, poor diet, and skimping on sleep. 

How can Cutis help?

Here at Cutis, we have a number of non-surgical aesthetic treatments that can help address or improve dull skin and certain signs of aging. We have injectables for wrinkle management, as well as lasers and skin resurfacing for fading dark spots and correcting sun damage. We also have microneedling that can minimize scars and wrinkles, and improve your skin’s overall appearance. 

A consultation with one of our aesthetic doctors will let you know which products or treatments are right for your goals and skin concerns. We use a skin analysis to evaluate your skin from the inside out, which will then help us craft a unique, personalized treatment plan.

If you have signs of aging or other skin concerns you wish to improve, contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore at +65 6801 4000 or WhatsApp us at +65 9780 2079.

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