Dr. Amoudtha Rasendran

Dr Amoudtha RasendranDr. Amoudtha Rasendran is an aesthetic doctor who is extremely passionate about skincare and making people look and feel good about themselves. She believes that people are inherently beautiful and aims to let that beauty shine a little brighter by helping them achieve their exterior beauty and skincare goals.

Dr. Amoudtha completed her studies at the National University of Ireland, where she was the president of the surgical society, honing her manual dexterity skills. After learning from renowned surgeons, she returned to Singapore to work in multiple surgical specialties, spending most of her time in pediatric surgery.

Her strong connection with people, meticulous nature, and love for skincare led her to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Amoudtha holds certificates from the Dermatological Society of Singapore and the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group. She has also received additional training from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Allergan.

Just like everyone else at Cutis, Dr. Amoudtha is passionate in continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the advancements in the field of aesthetics. This is evident in her recent attendance at the Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM) Conference in Singapore. She presented an abstract on Botulinum Neurotoxin Type E, a rapid-acting toxin that starts working within a few hours.

Dr. Amoudtha uses her expertise in trends and innovations to provide quality care and service for her patients. Watch her discuss the characteristics of hyaluronic acid injectable skincare and how it provides a multi-level bio-remodeling effect, rejuvenating dull, tired, and aging skin.

Dr. Amoudtha at the SAM ConferenceDr.-Amoudtha-SAM-Conference-1.jpgShe also attended with Dr. Cecilia the discussion on the new application and technique using hyaluronic acid injectable skincare.Profhilo 2.0Dr. Amoudtha at Profhilo2.0 EventShe, along with Dr. Cecilia X Chen, also participated in the Allergan Medical Institute's (AMI) 360 Approach to Injectables Program.AMI 360 Approach -Injectables Program
In addition, Dr. Amoudtha participated in a hands-on MFU-V workshop by the Merz Aesthetics Team, where she gained valuable insights and skills in essential techniques.Dr. Amoudtha Ultherapy Workshop Dr. Amoudtha at Ultherapy Workshop Dr. Amoudtha Rasendran Ultherapy Workshop