Dermamelan® intimate

Hyperpigmentation is a concern not just on the face, but also in intimate areas. It can affect women of all skin types and is triggered by aging and hormonal fluctuations, as well as things like waxing and wearing tight clothing. Darkening in these delicate parts can also negatively affect a person’s quality of life, self-esteem, and sex life.

Dermamelan® intimate

Dermamelan® intimate lets you do something about this concern to help you gain new confidence. This anti-aging depigmentation treatment is designed to reduce or lighten pigmentation imperfections in the intimate area. It is a topical treatment that involves a single session in a physician’s office with an in-home treatment routine.

What exactly is dermamelan® intimate?

Dermamelan® intimate is a depigmentation solution designed to correct hyperpigmentation of the intimate areas, both in the short and long term. Developed in collaboration with gynecologists, dermamelan® intimate comprises a mix of active compounds that act on the conditions responsible for the darkening of the intimate area.

In one session, it corrects pigment imperfections, as well as improve the quality, appearance, and turgidity of the intimate area. Treatment areas include the:

  • Genital-perineal area
  • Perianal zone
  • Mons pubis
  • Inner thighs
  • Groin

How does dermamelan® intimate work?

Dermamelan® intimate features a dual action: corrective and regulatory. This means that it does not just lighten or eliminate the pigment on the skin, but also treats the root of the problem to keep it from recurring. The active compounds target and remove the build-up of melanin or pigment.

Dermamelan® intimate also tackles inflammation, which is a component of hyperpigmentation and offers anti-aging action to improve skin quality. It involves two phases: one done in our clinic and ongoing treatment at home.

Protocol at the clinic:

An intensive depigmentation is done at our clinic. Performed by a qualified aesthetic professional, it involves cleansing the area with gauze and lukewarm water, as well as:

  • Application of the mesolips protector to prevent the migration of the peeling solution.
  • Application of the dermamelan® intimate peeling over the treated area, which is left on for 7 minutes.
  • Removal of the peeling solution with a neutralizing spray.
  • Application of the dermamelan® intimate mask in multiple layers.
  • Placing dermamelan® intimate film to help the active ingredients work. This is left for two hours and removed at home.

Protocol at home: 

You need to continue the treatment at home following a regimen specified by the aesthetic professional. This requires you to:

  • Remove dermamelan® intimate film and dermamelan® mask with plenty of lukewarm and an intimate gel.
  • Apply the post-treatment dermamelan® intimate crystal fiber mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. This helps reduce discomfort and irritation.
  • Apply dermamelan® intimate gel at night, 48 hours after the end of the in-clinic procedure. Your doctor will determine the duration of the application or how long it should be done or repeated.


What are the benefits of dermamelan® intimate?

As it lightens and helps eliminate pigmentation imperfections in intimate areas, it can give you the confidence you deserve. Key benefits include:

  • Short- and long-term correction of hyperpigmentation
  • Unified skin tone in treated areas
  • Improved skin elasticity and water retention
  • Helps prevent the reappearance of pigmentation/dark spots

What is the downtime after the treatment?

The treatment gradually renews the skin. After the in-clinic session, skin redness is likely, as well as the feeling of being sunburnt. This is mild and temporary and will disappear after 24 to 48 hours. Minor peeling is normal during the at-home phase and the treated area may also feel sensitive at times. The application of recommended products can help clear up these effects.

Flaking may start around the third day and can last for about a week. Once this subsides, you’ll notice an improvement in the pigmentation. Continued use of the dermamelan home care is needed for further improvement and maintenance.

How soon will I see the results?

Improvements can be seen as early as one week after the treatment but usually after the completion of the home care product  The pigment will continue to lift and lighten over time, and you’ll see significant results about four weeks into the treatment. Your skin will look even, healthy, and luminous.

Will the intimate area hyperpigmentation completely fade or disappear?

With dermamelan® intimate, you’ll notice a significant reduction in hyperpigmentation. In areas with dark spots, do take note that it is always likely for the pigmentation to reappear. It is important to follow the at-home treatment care and avoid sun exposure to keep it from happening.

Is there a right time of the year to undergo the treatment?

It can be done any time of the year, as the treatment is performed in areas where you can avoid direct sun exposure.

How will I know if dermamelan® intimate is right for me?

To see if this depigmentation solution suits you, start with an in-depth consultation with our qualified medical professional. This is to analyze and understand your intimate wellness concerns and goals and therefore provide bespoke advice or customized treatment plan.