Dermamelan® Depigmentation Method

If sun spots, melasma, and freckles have long been a concern for you, the Dermamelan® treatment can help. This unique medical depigmentation method can effectively remove stubborn pigmentation, as well as prevent its reformation.   

Dermamelan Depigmenting Treatment in Singapore

What is the Dermamelan method?

The Dermamelan method is a medical-grade depigmenting treatment that efficiently and progressively gets rid of dark spots. It has shown high efficacy and safety in tackling various types of hyperpigmentation that are resistant to other treatments. The method offers a double corrective and regulatory action that can:

  • Correct visible pigmentation
  • Regulate melanin overproduction to prevent the reformation of spots 

The treatment works by targeting the buildup of pigment in the skin and the root of the problem. This then provides a comprehensive and long-lasting outcome, helping you achieve clear and blemish-reduced skin. It has a high satisfaction rate from patients with visible results from the first few weeks and keeps the skin’s quality and uniformity in the long run. 

How does Dermamelan® work?

The treatment process involves two phases, an in-clinic (or in consultation) treatment and a homecare program. Phase one takes place in the doctor’s office, while phase two is carried out at home. 

In-clinic phase – This starts with consultation and examination to determine whether the treatment is right for your pigmentation concerns. Then, the specialist will brief you about the procedure. It follows the application of two masks with an intensive depigmenting action. This is quick and painless and you go home with the masks on your face.

At-home phase or homecare program – You will need to continue the treatment in accordance with a home guideline. This involves the removal of the Dermamelan masks after four hours, and starting a skincare routine with the products provided after 48 to 72 hours. You need to be consistent and apply the complimentary products for four months.


What are the benefits of Dermamelan® treatment?

Dermamelan can effectively treat different types of hyperpigmentation, including:

  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Sun spots or solar lentigines
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Blotchy skin

Is Dermamelan treatment right for you?

Both men and women seeking to reduce the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation can undergo Dermamelan. It can help tackle both severe and treatment-resistant pigmentation. Your eligibility, however, will still be determined upon consultation and diagnosis with your medical specialist.

What makes it different from other depigmentation treatments?

Unlike lasers and certain peels that only remove the pigment on the skin but do not avoid its reoccurrence, the Dermamelan method offers a double corrective and regulatory action. It treats the root of the problem and keeps the overproduction of pigment/melanin under control to prevent reappearance. 

What results can you expect?

Following the treatment, you can see a significant reduction in the spots. Do take note, however, that there is a tendency for reappearance in the affected areas. It is important to be consistent and follow all the guidelines and recommendations from your doctor to obtain optimal results. 

When can you see the results of the treatment?

You can see significant changes within a week from applying the mask in phase one. These include a reduction in the color of the spots and improvement in skin tone and texture. Nonetheless, you will still need to continue the treatment for four months, as getting rid of the melanin buildup is not enough. It is still needed to regulate or keep its overproduction under control.

What are the risks and side effects of the treatment?

After the in-clinic treatment, it is likely for the skin to feel warm and appear reddened. These reactions, however, are mild and will disappear after 24 to 48 hours. You can also experience slight flaking during the homecare phase, as well as some sensitivity. The application of recommended home products will help these symptoms disappear.

Is there an ideal season or time of the year to undergo the treatment?

After the summer season is the ideal time to get the treatment. This is to avoid direct and intense UV radiation, which can stimulate the pigment cells and cause more pigmentation. If the patient, however, lives in an area where sun radiation is unavoidable, it is best to avoid direct exposure, use SPF, and accessorize with hats or sunglasses. 

Dermamelan is a highly effective pigmentation treatment and can only be performed by a specialist in a clinic. Contact us today or book a consultation to learn more about this depigmentation method.