ZField Dual – Burn Fat and Build Muscle Without Sweat

October 29, 2019

ZField Dual is image (Made in Germany) and a image cleared procedure that targets the muscles by using high frequency electromagnetic energy. The energy field stimulates involuntary muscle contraction of the entire abdominal wall or gluteal region.


Current non-invasive body shaping therapies address fat and skin. But what happens when one has less than an inch of pinchable fat, or wants to improve the tone and shape of one’s stomach, arms, legs or buttocks? After all, more than a third of one’s body is comprised of muscles.

The ZField Dual is a procedure to help both women and men build muscle and burn fat and enable them to have a more sculpted abdomen and fuller, firmer and lifted buttocks.



ZField Dual is performed on people who have a desire to be in shape, tone and sculpt their bodies. Ideally, it is best performed on abdomens with less than 2 inches of pinch.

Typically, eight, 30-minute treatments, over a four-week period, produce a significant reduction in the fat layer and increase in the muscle layer of the treated area. During one treatment around 27.000 muscle contraction are done which is equivalent to 27,000 sit-ups or squats!

The intense, but not painful treatment has no side effects or tissue damage, except to the unwanted fat cells via programmed cell death and lipolysis. No scar is created in the tissue.

To strengthen and tighten the abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscles.