As the production of essential skin components declines as we age, our skin becomes dry, lax, and wrinkly. With less collagen and elastin, there is also less protein and structure to support or maintain its elasticity, firmness, and taut appearance. Our lifestyle choices can also contribute to this decline and make us look and feel older than we are. Profhilo® Body The Injectable Treatment for Body Skin Laxity

Fortunately, skin remodeling injectables like Profhilo are available to help counteract these effects. While it is commonly used on the face, there is also an injectable specifically designed to treat the body. Profhilo® Body is just like the original Profhilo, but it is mainly for treating loose skin areas in different parts of the body.

What is Profhilo® Body? 

As previously mentioned, Profhilo® Body is a bio remodeling injectable used for treating body skin laxity and hydrating the skin. It is composed of 100% pure hyaluronic acid (HA) in two different molecular weights: low and high. This combination hydrates and regenerates the skin, as well as reduces sagging by providing a lifting effect.

Fast facts about Profhilo® Body:

  • Only injectable treatment designed for the treatment of body skin laxity
  • Counteracts skin laxity in the abdomen and inner arms while increasing hydration
  • Contains and delivers the highest concentration of ultrapure hyaluronic acid in the market
  • Offers a complete treatment (with Body Patch and Cream) to maximize results

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How does Profhilo Body work?

The injection of low and high hybrid HA stimulates a chain of reactions that all play a part in tissue remodeling and the improvement of skin laxity. This involves the proliferation or the multiplication of the correct type of skin cells, as well as their relocation or migration and organization within the tissue. This then remodels the skin and restores laxity in areas where it was lacking. 

When the product is injected beneath the skin, it slowly releases HA, which then attracts and holds water from the body. This improves skin tone and hydration. Profhilo Body also transforms the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This helps support the skin and improve its appearance by making it look firmer and smoother. 

The treatment uses the BAP or bio-aesthetic points technique for the treated area, which consists of only 10 points of injection. This helps reduce the risk of bruising and swelling, as well as maximize product diffusion. 

What does the Profhilo Body treatment involve? 

The Profhilo Body program involves two injections scheduled one month apart. The injection points are already mapped out on the treated area where a specific amount of the product is injected into the skin. The procedure is quick and well-tolerated, and a numbing cream can be used to improve patient comfort. 

After the procedure, the Profhilo FIGURA Body Patch is applied to soothe and moisturize the area. You will go home with this body patch and leave it on for two to three hours. Then at home, you need to use the Profhilo FIGURA Body Cream to tone, hydrate, and deeply moisturize the skin.

What are the treatable areas? 

The injectable is designed for treating mild body skin laxity or skin that has lost firmness and youthful appearance. The abdomen and the inner arm are the most suitable areas, as they have been identified as the most at-risk of skin laxity in the body. Profhilo, however, can also be used on the hands and inner thighs. 

This injectable can be used to treat or improve lax skin on the abdomen, particularly for those who have undergone pregnancy or after weight loss. Sagging skin in the inner arm, which is mostly due to the aging process or reduced collagen production, will also benefit from a Profhilo Body treatment. 

What results can you expect after the procedure? 

You may be able to see improvements after the first session, but significant results appear two to three months after the second injection. Patients notice improvements in skin laxity, elasticity, and its overall appearance. 

Do take note that the results are gradual and natural-looking. Profhilo Body may be able to improve skin firmness and elasticity, but you cannot expect the changes to look overdone or exaggerated. What the injectable does is treat and hydrate the skin from the inside out, which triggers the regeneration cycle and rejuvenation of skin cells. 

The results are not permanent and last for about six months. The longevity of results, however, can still vary from patient to patient and can depend on the area, the amount of product used, and the level of HA in the patient’s body. You can choose to have a follow-up session after six months to maintain youthful results. 

Are there side effects or downtime?

Side effects such as redness, mild swelling, and bruising are temporary and normally resolve on their own a few days after the procedure. There is also minimal to no downtime after the procedure, so you can go back to your normal routines. Just make sure not to touch the area and avoid strenuous exercise following the treatment. 

If you’re looking for a body skin laxity treatment that doesn’t involve cuts or surgery, Profhilo® Body may be right for you. Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore today to schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor and find out if Profhilo Body is right for you.