Oxygen is an essential gas that fuels the cells and all our body functions and processes. It is also a great source of energy, enabling the body to rebuild itself and fight bacteria. Oxygen, furthermore, stimulates the healing process, promotes collagen synthesis, and reduces inflammation. These are all important in promoting healthy and radiant skin.

Can Oxygen Help You Get Glowing Skin

As oxygen has impressive healing capabilities, it is used in treating a broad range of conditions, as well as in therapy to restore health. It is also used in skin care, specifically in anti-aging and revitalizing the skin. Some products also promote the supply of oxygen, which then helps restore and rejuvenate the skin. 

Oxygen in skin care helps in:

  • Protecting the skin against toxins
  • Cleaning clogged pores
  • Reviving the skin quickly (brightened and refreshed complexion)
  • Moisturizing the skin 
  • Reducing the look of lines and wrinkles

How our Crystal Carboxy Mask helps

At Cutis, we have the Crystal Carboxy CO2 gel mask that can help with cell restoration. It involves the use of a specially formulated CO2 gel and a dry cotton sheet mask, which infuses the skin with CO2. This tricks the body into thinking that it needs more oxygen, which then increases the skin’s oxygen supply. 

The Crystal Carboxy CO2 gel mask is a non-surgical CO2 treatment that can help revive your skin’s natural glow. It uses a non-invasive, anti-aging skin correcting technology for addressing various skin issues. What the treatment does is produce CO2 and transfer it to the skin through the gel layer. When the CO2 is absorbed, it triggers the red blood cells to release more oxygen. 

The Crystal Carboxy and BOHR effect

This innovative treatment uses the BOHR effect, which offers CO2 penetration and increases blood circulation. It provides nutrients and oxygen into the skin’s deeper layer, improving elasticity, skin barrier, and cell reproduction. This involves three steps:

Step 1: Provides CO2 bubbles to the skin (also creates a bubbling effect)

Step 2: Removes dead skin cells via the CO2 and O2 exchanging process

Step 3: Provides nutrients and oxygen by increasing blood circulation (through the exchanging process of CO2 and O2)

Benefits of Crystal Carboxy CO2 Mask

With our carboxy gel mask treatment, you can get the benefits of carboxy therapy without needles. The CO2 treatment we offer is completely non-invasive but is effective in reviving your skin’s natural glow. 

  • Whitening – helps treat/minimize pigmentation (dark spots, age spots, and sun damage) and dull skin tone by activating blood circulation and waste removal in the skin. 
  • Face slimming –  densifies tissues via CO2 production (absorbed in the phospholipid layers) which then promotes slimming effects.
  • Moisturizing – helps retain the balance between water and oil, as well as increases skin hydration.
  • Wrinkle reduction and lifting – reduces old wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming, as well as increases elasticity and promotes lifting effect.
  • Reduction of pores – reduces the size and appearance of pores even after the first application.
  • Acne and scar treatment – increases the discharge of acne-causing bacteria by promoting blood flow and waste removal. 

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