While laser hair removal used to be more popular among women, many men are now considering this procedure. This is mostly because it makes unwanted hair removal easier and more convenient than shaving, trimming, and waxing.

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At Cutis Laser Clinics, we offer laser hair removal for permanent reduction of unwanted body hair. We use the Cutera CoolGlide laser, which is a US FDA-cleared laser device that can treat all skin types and tones (from lighter to darker skin).

Continue reading to learn more about the things men should know about laser hair removal.

The Process of Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works by delivering pulses of laser light that is absorbed by the skin pigment or melanin. The light is then converted into heat, which then destroys the follicles. The device can deliver safe energy to hundreds of hair follicles at a time to effectively treat a specific area in a short amount of time.

One thing that sets Cutera CoolGlide apart from others is that it has a longer wavelength and innovative cooling design. This enables safe, effective, and lasting hair reduction results.

A Bucket Full of Benefits

The main purpose of the procedure is to remove excess hair on the back, chest and other face and body parts. This can make treated area smoother than before and make the skin feel better when putting on clothes, showering or sweating. It can also make you feel more confident in your own skin.

More than just reducing or removing excess body hair, laser hair removal can also:

  • Make facial grooming easier
  • Help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps
  • Reduce skin irritation and itchiness
  • Help with body odor (because excess hair can trap and absorb odor)

Number of Treatments Needed

The number of sessions required will depend on a number of factors such as your skin tone and texture, the color of the hair, and the size of the area to be treated.

In general, most patients will need an average of at least 8 to 12 sessions (scheduled 2 to 8 weeks apart) to see effective and optimal result. This is because a single session can only treat a certain percentage of hair (about 10 to 15% in some areas).

The treatment, furthermore, is only effective in the Anagen stage or when the hair is still connected to the follicle. The energy from the device damages the follicles, which then disables hair growth to provide permanent hair reduction.

It is Not 100% Permanent Hair Removal

As explained in our previous blog about removing unwanted hair, there is no 100% permanent hair removal. The procedure can get rid of about 80 to 90% of the hair, and most of what is left behind should be fine and light.

Moreover, the result is not permanent, but more of long-term with stable hair reduction. This is why touch-up treatments are necessary to maintain good results.

Nothing Like Waxing

Laser hair removal is nothing like waxing and most patients find the laser treatment tolerable. You may feel some minimal discomfort, but this will still depend on the area being treated and your own level of pain tolerance.

It is also good to know that numbing cream can be applied to the skin before the treatment to make the pain more manageable. Make sure to mention to your aesthetic doctor if you have sensitive skin and ask for a patch test before proceeding.

Preparations Before Your Appointment

A consultation with an aesthetic doctor will help you prepare better for the treatment. Here are some things to keep in mind before your laser treatment:

1. A word on shaving, waxing, and tweezing

Shaving the area is needed, but be sure not to do it at least 24-48 hours before your treatment. This is because hair should be long enough for “stubble” to be visible. Your aesthetic doctor needs to be able to see some hair growth from follicles for an effective treatment.

However, you should avoid waxing or tweezing the area at least two weeks before the laser treatment. It is important to leave the root in place and both of the two removal methods do the otherwise.

2. The deal with sun exposure

It is advisable to avoid artificial tanning and sun exposure without sun protection at least two weeks before and after the session.

Do take note that sun-tanned skin has a higher sensitivity to the treatment because of the changes in the skin color. You will be advised to reschedule your procedure if you use tanners before the appointment.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Get rid of unwanted hair safely and effectively with laser hair removal. Contact Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore today and schedule a consultation with our Harvard-trained aesthetic doctor, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, to learn more about this procedure and other hair removal methods that is right for your concern.

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