What Are Your Concerns About Fat Freezing

Are you looking to get rid of stubborn fat for a more contoured body appearance? If so, fat freezing or Cryolipolysis may be right for you. If you are close to your ideal weight but can’t seem to shed pockets of fat through diet and exercise, this non-invasive procedure could give you the advantage you need to achieve your desired figure. 

But first, what exactly is fat freezing?

Also known as Cryolipolysis, fat freezing is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure. It uses controlled cooling temperatures to target and freeze the fat cells to the point of natural elimination. The treated fat cells are naturally metabolized and cleared through the lymphatic system. This gives the treatment area a more contoured appearance.

At Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore, we have two fat freezing devices that can carry out the treatment: CoolSculpting and ZLipo.

CoolSculpting (by Zeltiq) – is a popular fat reduction device/procedure that uses cooling temperatures to eliminate fat cells. It features applicators of different sizes, which are specifically made to treat fat bulges in common problem areas. These include the belly, upper arms, chest, back, thighs, and smaller areas like the chin and knee. 

Before the fat freezing begins, the area of concern is marked to determine where to place the CoolSculpting handpiece. Also, a cooling gel pad will be placed on the skin for extra protection. The applicator will then suction the bulges of fat to kill the fat cells, gradually reducing the fat layer thickness in the area. 

ZLipo (by Zimmer Aesthetics) – is another fat freezing device/procedure that targets and kills fat cells using controlled cooling temperatures. It also has applicators of different sizes, with two handpieces that can be used simultaneously in a single session. This can help reduce the overall treatment time. Treatment areas include the belly, waist, hips, thigh, arms, chin, and underarm (bra fat).

A cooling pad is also used to protect the skin during the procedure. ZLipo uses pulsed vacuum suctioning to break down before the fat freezing begins. The cooling panels will then deliver the optimal temperature to freeze the fat cells to the point of natural elimination. This results in a more contoured treatment area.

Will fat freezing help me lose weight?

One important thing you should know about fat freezing is that it is a fat reduction procedure and not a weight loss solution. If your goal is to shed pounds or kilos, CoolSculpting and ZLipo may not be right for you. They are also not a substitute for healthy diet and exercise.

Moreover, fat loss and weight loss are different. If you, for instance, shed about 20 to 25% of fat tissue due to fat freezing, you won’t see much difference on the scale. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories (exercise) than what you are eating. This can burn off stored energy and help shrink fat. With fat freezing, however, you may be able to drop one to two sizes in clothing and even motivate you to exercise and eat right to maintain its results. 

Are the results permanent?

The treated fat cells are gone for good and will never come back, so yes, there will be a permanent fat reduction. And while both procedures are effective in reducing fat layer thickness, they do not kill all fat cells in the area. The thing that makes the treated area smaller or more contoured is the lack of existing fat cells.

What CoolSculpting and ZLipo do is reduce the number of fat cells in a specific trouble zone for a more sculpted appearance. The remaining fat cells can still grow and expand if you fail to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and gain lots of weight. This will negate the results of the treatment, which will be visible through extra fat bulges. 

How soon will I see the results? 

The results are not immediate. You can’t expect to see notable changes or improvements after the procedure. As fat freezing is a non-invasive/non-surgical treatment, the result will be gradual. This is because the body has to metabolize the fat cells, clear them through the lymphatic system, and process them as waste in the liver.

With CoolSculpting, results can be seen within 60 to 90 days after the procedure or once the body metabolizes the dead fat cells. This results in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area. With ZLipo, on the other hand, the natural breakdown and removal of fat cells take about 10 to 12 weeks. Once the body has flushed all the dead fat cells, the treated area will look slimmer. 

What can I expect after the treatment?

While the results vary from patient to patient, you can expect a 15 to 25% fat reduction in the treatment area. Having more fat will also require more sessions. It is important to have realistic expectations, so you won’t be disappointed after the treatment. What you can expect realistically is a mild fat reduction with less bulging on the area or a moderately reduced waistline.

Both CoolSculpting and ZLipo offer a safe and non-invasive fat reduction with minimal to no downtime. Patients can immediately go back to their normal routines. There may be some redness, slight tenderness, or minor swelling in the area, but these are temporary and will resolve after a few days. 

Who is the ideal candidate?

Fat freezing procedures are suitable for patients who are in their ideal weight, but have stubborn fats that won’t budge down despite regular diet and exercise. This is why it is recommended to be in or closer to your normal weight before undergoing a non-invasive fat reduction. Having less fat in the trouble area will also mean fewer sessions or shorter treatment time. 

Fat freezing and other non-invasive fat procedures are not recommended for those who are obese or have severe skin laxity. It is important for the patient to be willing to make positive lifestyle changes if they want to achieve stable fat reduction or maintain the result of CoolSculpting and ZLipo

Schedule a consultation and body assessment

Both ZLipo and CoolSculpting help you achieve your desired figure non-invasively or without cuts or needles. If you want to learn more about these procedures or are considering them for yourself, contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics today and schedule a consultation and body assessment with our Harvard-trained aesthetic doctor, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.

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