Melasma or a skin condition characterized by brownish or greyish patches on the face can be a source of emotional distress for those who have it. This is because apart from making the complexion dull and uneven, melasma is also challenging to treat. 


This condition is also sometimes called “the mask of pregnancy” because it is a lot more common during pregnancy. People with darker skin tone are also more likely to get melasma, as more active melanocytes (melanin-producing skin cells) than those with lighter skin tone. 

There are a number or factors that can cause or trigger melasma. These include hormone fluctuations (including the use of hormonal medications), sun exposure, and certain skin care products (if they irritate your skin). 

Can you cure melasma?

If you have the same skin concern, you are probably looking for ways to get rid of melasma. While there is no present cure for the condition, there are treatment options that can improve its appearance. Just keep in mind that if your melasma is due to pregnancy, it may fade away on its own after a few months.

Here at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore, we offer a number of treatment options for improving melasma appearance:

Skin lightening creams (with hydroquinone)

Hydroquinone is a clinically proven ingredient that is used to lighten and reduce pigmentation. It works by blocking the production of tyrosinase, which is an enzyme in charge of melanin production. 

Hydroquinone combats hyperpigmentation at the cellular level, making it an effective treatment for the said condition. At Cutis Laser Clinics, we provide skin care products that include prescription strength 4% hydroquinone for treating melasma. These include Obagi Nu Derm #3 Clear and Balancer #5.

Do take note that in Singapore, HSA (Health Sciences Authority) prohibits the usage of hydroquinone in skin care cosmetic products. This is because it falls under dermatological medication/drugs. This only means a prescription from a certified doctor is required before it can be used.

You can learn more about the use and effectiveness of hydroquinone by checking our previous blog. 

Certain oral supplements

Clinical studies have found out that certain oral supplements with Phytofloral and Tranexamic acid are safe and effective in treating brown spots and melasma on the skin. The combination of both ingredients can help reduce melasma and rejuvenate the skin.

Phytofloral is a natural antioxidant that lightens the skin by protecting it from environmental damage. Tranexamic acid on the other hand, is made from an amino acid (protein) that can reduce melasma safely if used in lower concentrations.

These ingredients are available in a prescription supplement, which only means that it should be taken with supervision from an experienced aesthetic doctor. You should also make sure to buy safe and proven products from certified aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Cutera Pearl

Cutera Pearl is an FDA-cleared laser device that can treat sun damage, wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. It combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to address skin problems. This results in shorter downtime with significant results in just one treatment. 

The procedure uses pulses of laser light to treat the top layer of the skin and remove a portion of the skin surface. It triggers the skin to produce a natural protective dressing beneath, which will peel off after three to five days. This then reveals fresher, healthier-looking skin with a “pearly” glow.

It’s normal to have some skin peeling for the first three to four days following the procedure. Once the old, damaged skin peels off, new and youthful skin is revealed. New collagen continues to build three to six months after the treatment for a more youthful looking skin.

VI Peel

VI Peel is a safe yet powerful chemical peel designed for the treatment of fine lines, acne scars, age spots, pigmentation, and uneven skin texture. It safely removes the damaged top layer of the skin to promote cell rejuvenation of new, smoother and healthier skin.

The VI Peel solution will be applied directly on the skin and you feel a slight stinging sensation that will subside after a few minutes. The procedure may last for an hour but the solution must stay on your skin for at least 4 hours. Your skin will have a sun-tanned look, but you can leave the clinic and wash it off at home.

Once your skin has healed and the peeling is finished, you will notice a brighter, smoother skin with less pigmentation, visible acne marks, and brown spots. Some patients even reported that their skin is suppler and the pores look tighter.

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