Don’t let wrinkles and saggy skin affect your confidence. With the latest advancements in skin rejuvenation, you can say “hi” to younger and firmer skin.

However, not everyone is ready for a full facelift or neck lift. For individuals who are looking for facelift without surgery, a non-surgical skin tightening procedure such as Dr. Perfect V-Line PDO Thread Lift is a great alternative as it involves lower risks and even minimal to zero recovery time.

Skin Tightening with Dr Perfect V-Line PDO Thread Lifts

Dr. Perfect V-Line PDO Thread Lift

The safe and effective Dr. Perfect V-Line PDO Thread Lift is now available at Cutis laser and aesthetic clinic Singapore.

Dr. Perfect V-Line Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to lift and tighten saggy skin of the face and body.  This safe procedure involves the insertion of strong and absorbable PDO threads into the deeper layers of the skin, lifting the skin and stimulating collagen growth. Dr. Perfect V-Line Thread Lift can effectively treat sagging of the face, jowls and neck.

The result of this skin tightening treatment is a significant yet subtle and natural-looking improvement in the skin’s overall texture and appearance, making a PDO thread lift a good alternative to a traditional surgical face lift.

How Does the Thread Lift Procedure Work?

The PDO thread lift procedure starts with the application of numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient. The PDO threads are then inserted under the skin using a blunt-tip cannula.

Once the threads are inserted, the skin will then undergo a self-healing process. This process will promote collagen formation and active blood flow in the dermis (inner layer of the skin).

Cutis PDO threads

In Cutis, we offer several options depending on the area of your concern. For example, a 10-Point Lower Face Lift and Marionette Lines will include the insertion of 5 threads for each side of the face to provide an immediate lift to the jaw area while reducing the appearance of marionette lines.


We also have other options available such as 14-Point (7 threads per side) and 20-Point (10 threads per side) which will target other areas such as the middle face and the neck area.

No cut is required for PDO Thread lift. Once the threads are in place, slight compression of the tissue may be done to reshape it by hand and to obtain the desired lifting effect.

A noticeable tightening and lifting of the skin can be seen immediately after the procedure. But the overall effect will be seen after two to three months when the stimulation of new collagen begins. The PDO threads will be dissolved over a period of six months but the lift will remain for at least two years as long as your skin’s collagen holds the lift.

Is PDO Thread Safe?

PDO or Polydioxanone thread is a safe and K-FDA and CE cleared absorbable material. PDO has been used for over 30 years for wound closure in many areas of medicine including plastic surgery, gynecology, eye surgery, among others.

It is a very strong filament fiber which completely dissolves in the body within six to twelve months and is metabolized into water and carbon dioxide which is then naturally absorbed by the skin.

What to Expect After the PDO Thread Lift procedure?

PDO thread lifts are generally well tolerated by patients as numbing creams are often applied to the treatment area before the threads are inserted.

There may be some swelling and bruising after a Dr. Perfect V-Line PDO thread lift, but it will subside after a few hours or days. Mineral makeup can be used to cover any signs of bruising.

Although you can return to your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure, strenuous activities must be avoided at least seven days.

Take the first step to having an enhanced and more youthful appearance, find out if you’re a good candidate for a Dr. Perfect V-Line PDO thread lift Singapore today.

Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics Singapore to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, our Harvard-trained and US Board-certified skin specialist.

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