Apart from restoring and filling in volume loss, dermal fillers can also enhance your features without going under the knife. Whether you’re worried about sunken cheeks, a weak chin, or a thinning pout, dermal fillers can address your concerns. They can also rejuvenate your look by improving the appearance of eye bags and fine lines.

What exactly are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels used for restoring the skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. The most common types of fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that is naturally present in the body. HA is responsible for keeping the tissues lubricated. Juvederm fillers are the most popular brand of HA-based injectables. 

Fillers are also made with calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), which is also a naturally occurring substance found in the bone. Radiesse is one popular type of CaHA fillers, which also works as a bio-stimulator. This only means that it can help in stimulating the body to create more collagen over time.

Changing your look with fillers

CaHA and HA-based fillers can replenish volume loss and improve lines on the face. Both can also be used to sculpt certain areas of the face, but HA fillers are more commonly used for lip augmentation, improving a weak chin, as well as enhancing the shape of your nose. 

If you’re starting to experience volume loss or want to correct facial asymmetry, dermal fillers are a good choice. Here are some of the ways this injectable can enhance your facial features.

Improve nasolabial folds

Also known as smile or laugh lines, nasolabial folds become more noticeable with aging. Dermal fillers can smooth out the lines at the corner of the nose and mouth. This creates a more even texture and promotes a rejuvenated appearance. Do take note that fillers cannot eliminate nasolabial folds, but make them less noticeable. 

Plump up cheeks

Dermal fillers are effective in restoring lost volume in the cheeks for a plumper look. They can also give you a more defined cheekbone that can take some years off your appearance. Both CaHA and HA-based fillers can add immediate volume and definition to your face. 

Correct tear troughs

Tear troughs or hollow depressions under the eyes can make you look tired or older than you actually are. Fillers can fill in these areas, as well as reduce dark circles and eye bags. This can give you a well-rested appearance and make your skin look firmer and rejuvenated. 

Strengthen chin and jawline

Juvederm Volux is the most common type of filler used for contouring the lower face. This is made with HA and specially designed for the chin and jawline area. This can give you a more defined, chin and a slimmer or a more sculpted jawline, with results that can last for 18 to 24 months. 

Get a nonsurgical nose lift

If you’re not ready or willing to go under the knife but want to change the profile of your nose, dermal fillers are a good alternative. The injectable is inserted underneath the skin, filling in volume to increase the height of the nose bridge. Nose fillers can also be used to:

  • straighten a crooked nose
  • correct bumps
  • fix small defects from rhinoplasty

What to remember

Keep in mind that filler injections should only be administered by a skilled and qualified injector or aesthetic doctor. This is because the result of the fillers will depend on the skill and technique of your injector. Correct dosage and excellent injection skills can give you natural-looking results and avoid unwanted side effects. 

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