Your habits and the things you apply to your skin can greatly affect how your complexion looks. This only makes it important to treat your skin with a little more TLC and focus on quality (instead of quantity) when shopping for products. While they may have a higher price tag, certain formulations are worth the splurge.

Focus on Quality 5 Reasons to Invest in Skincare

Here are 5 reasons you should invest in skincare.

1. Helps keep the skin looking its best

Skin cell turnover or the process of shedding dead cells and replacing them with new ones slows down as we age. This can result in dryness and wrinkling with a dull or less luminous complexion. Layers of dead skin cell buildup can also contribute to clogged pores, breakouts, and other blemishes. 

An effective routine with quality ingredients can help support skin turnover and even boost collagen production. This is especially true for products with retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). They can exfoliate the skin and improve its texture, lighten dark spots, and reduce visible signs of aging, helping your skin look its best. 

2.  Saves you money

While buying quality products can seem daunting initially, it can actually help you save money over the long haul. A good face serum or moisturizer, for instance, can improve both your skin tone and texture, helping it to look better even with less or without makeup. This translates to less spending on cosmetics to conceal your flaws. 

Taking better care of your skin can also result in less maintenance or treatments needed in the future. As you consistently apply products that improve your skin’s quality and overall health, you can keep your skin looking its best and perhaps avoid invasive or surgical treatments in the future. 

3. Considered more effective and safer

High-quality skincare like medical-grade formulations undergo a series of clinical tests and studies to ensure maximal benefits for the skin. This is not the same for extremely cheaper ones, which may contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and comedogenic oils. 

Poor-quality skincare may also lack the active ingredients needed to effectively improve or combat the skin issues you’re dealing with. They also have an increased likelihood of leading to a range of issues including irritation, sensitivity, breakouts, and uneven skin tone due to low-quality ingredients. 

4. Prevents or reduces long-term damage

As we age, our body’s collagen production gradually slows down. This can lead to the development of lines and wrinkles, with less plump and supple skin. Investing in the right products can help improve or slow down certain skin issues and therefore prevent long-term damage. 

High-quality skincare can also work to heal or help your skin deal with the effects of UV rays, pollution, and other environmental aggressors. Dr. Sylvia’s Vital Repair Cream, for instance, is a potent product that strengthens, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin. It is rich in antioxidants, which helps protect the skin from environmental stressors. 

5. Boosted confidence

As you start to see improvements in your skin, you’ll also begin to feel more confident. You may consider wearing less or no makeup at all. There’s also the benefit of feeling less self-conscious, helping you to be more prepared in handling social situations. You may also be open to new experiences and meeting new people. 

Sure, you can splurge on quality makeup to hide your flaws, but their effects are only temporary. It makes more sense to invest in quality skincare products that can improve or correct the skin issues that are making you insecure. It can also give you a smooth canvas if you decide to apply makeup. 

Dr. Sylvia Skin Care can help

Investing in skincare means investing in yourself. When you focus more on taking better care of your skin or fighting the early signs of aging, you’ll reap the benefits in the future and feel good about yourself. Dr. Sylvia Skin Care can help you in this journey with our intensive, medical-grade collection. 

We have a wide range of skin care formulations, specifically developed by Dr. Sylvia with our partner laboratories internationally. Our products also target skin on a cellular level and are clinically tested to ensure benefits for skin renewal, recovery, and protection. You can shop at our store for:

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