As women’s roles expand into the workplace and their community, they are often faced with competing priorities that take time away from relationships at home. As a result, modern women may find it harder to start or maintain intimate relationships that, more than any other relationship, require sustained effort to thrive.


Each relationship is unique, but the basic ingredients to cultivate intimacy are not that much different from one another. How?

Unplug and reconnect

We live in a digital world. The line between offline and online has been completely crossed so that some of us have difficulty distinguishing virtual from real. To foster intimacy, however, we have to pursue face-to-face relationships, even if few, instead of maintaining hundreds of virtual ones.

Today, it’s not unusual to see couples with their eyes glued to digital screens than to each other. If you want to start, and keep, an intimate relationship, you have to turn off your gadgets and turn your undivided attention to your significant other. And don’t just be physically present, either. Open your ears, close your mouth, look them in the eye, and empathize. Reach out to touch and assure your partner that you are there, no matter what happens.

Prioritize and say ‘no’ to all else

The modern woman has plenty on her plate. No longer is she a homemaker, she is sometimes even the breadwinner. So she has to balance financially providing for her family with being emotionally available for them. Raising children makes it all the more challenging for a career woman to juggle priorities, and putting the welfare of her children ahead of everything else sometimes leads to putting her relationship last on her to-do list.

That change in priority frequently makes husbands and partners resentful of the diminishing attention they get from their spouses. While it’s important to make the children’s well-being your top priority, remember that, during airplane turbulence, adults have to put oxygen masks on themselves first so they can remain conscious to put oxygen masks on children afterwards. So don’t feel guilty if you have to exclude children from your date nights. Make your partner as important as the kids, if not more. You and your children will benefit from it.

Take care of yourself

Is there something in your relationship that keeps you from being truly happy? Do you have sexual needs that are unmet? Communicate these with your partner so you can plan on what to do with them. Often, for women who have had children through natural childbirth (vaginal delivery), the problem may be physical, such as vaginal laxity. Unfortunately, it’s not just the woman who is affected with this condition, but her partner too, as sensations are often diminished and consequently, orgasms are not achieved.

Consider getting a vaginal tightening treatment if vaginal laxity gets in the way of achieving intimacy instead of enduring it in silence. Find a women’s clinic Singapore specialist who offers Geneveve by Viveve, a non surgical vag tightening procedure that uses patented energy to stimulate your body’s natural collagen-making process to tighten loose vaginal tissues and introitus (opening). Geneveve helps restore sensations to near pre-childbirth levels to make you look forward to enjoying sex again.

Bounce back from failures

All relationships face bumps in the road at some point, and even the tightest relationship will be no exception. You can allow failures in your relationship to teach you a lesson about yourself and work that into the relationship, or you can let those failures make you feel inadequate to give all that you have to make the relationship work. Intimacy requires consistent effort to make it flourish, and the only way to be there for the long ride is to keep climbing back up every time you fall down.

Choose to slow down

One of the casualties of the harried pace of modern life is attention spans. With so much information to consume, attention spans have become much shorter, and getting sidetracked by meaningless entertainment has become so much easier.  Intimacy is built on full, undistracted attention, which you can only give if you consciously choose to make enough time to have more interruption-free moments with your significant other.

A satisfying sexual relationship is essential to keep intimacy alive. To learn more about the benefits of non surgical vaginal tightening, read our other blog posts on Geneveve by Viveve Singapore.

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