The desire to have a plumper and a more youthful pout has paved the way for the popularity of lip fillers, which are the most popular procedure for improving lip shape and size. Dermal fillers are commonly used to increase the volume of the lips to achieve a fuller and a younger-looking mouth. 

There is no doubt about what fillers can do, but there is also the concern about undesirable results like overhanging top lip and an overdone pout. This then raises the question, “Can I ever get natural-looking fillers?”

The answer is yes. In this video, Dr. Sylvia talked about the use of fillers for restoring the volume and structure of the mouth. She also shared the factors to consider if you want to get natural-looking results from a lip filler procedure. These include:

  • The right aesthetic – maintaining balance, and ratio between the upper and lower lip
  • The right filler – depending on which type of lip filler you choose, you’ll get different effects
  • The right area – focusing on specific parts of the lip to get natural-looking results
  • The right amount – Less is always more

While lip augmentation is more popular in women, Dr. Sylvia mentioned that they also treat the lips of men very often. This is because men also lose volume of the lips and very thin lips can cause them to look too stern. The use of lip fillers can help with this.

Watch our video to learn more!


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