Women are not the only ones considering Botox. Men wanting to look more refreshed and youthful are now turning to this anti-wrinkle treatment. Also known as “Brotox” or “Mantox”, Botox for men is growing in popularity to enhance their appearance and gain a competitive edge in the workplace.

Everything-You-Wanted-to-Know-About-Botox for Men

There is no shame in wanting to look more youthful, so if you’re a man considering Botox, there is nothing to be ashamed of. All you have to do is arm yourself with the right information, so you’ll know what to expect and have realistic expectations. Below are the things you need to know about Botox for men. 

What is Botox?

Botox or botulinum toxin is a cosmetic injection made from a neurotoxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. It is only injected in extremely small doses to block the signal from a nerve to muscle. This then temporarily paralyzes the muscles, creating a softened and relaxed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

There are different brands of botulinum toxin injections, but the brand BOTOX® is the most popular. It is FDA approved for treating moderate to severe facial wrinkles, including frown lines between the brows, forehead lines, as well as crow’s feet (wrinkles in the corner of the eyes).

Why are men now getting Botox?

In most cases, men get Botox injections to reduce or improve the appearance of wrinkles. They do so to look more refreshed and energized, instead of looking old or tired. For many men, it is mostly about improving their confidence to gain edge in different aspects of life.

Here are the reasons why men are turning to Botox:

  • Remain competitive to enhance career opportunities
  • Improve dating prospects or enhance attractiveness
  • Look best in social media or online dating apps
  • Keep up with their younger colleagues/friends
  • Regain lost confidence
  • Look healthy and masculine
  • Encouraged by their wife/girlfriend

Is Botox for men different from Botox for women?

BOTOX® and other brands of botulinum injections can be used on both men and women. There are, however, key differences on how Botox is administered on male and female patients.

  • Men require more Botox than women – This is because male patients have bigger and more muscle mass in the brows and foreheads than women. More product is needed to achieve the desired relaxation of the muscles. 
  • The ideal brow shape for men is different – Men’s brows do not have a gentle arch like women do. The skill and experience of the injector or aesthetic doctor is important in getting the ideal brow shape for men, which is straighter and lowered. 
  • Precise technique is required for best results – Good technique, along with attention to detail and correct placement of Botox, is important when administering the treatment. The injector should be knowledgeable about the anatomy of a man’s brow and forehead muscles to achieve desired results. 

When getting Botox for men, be sure to only consult a medical aesthetic doctor who is qualified to perform the injection. Our very own Dr. Sylvia Ramirez is an experienced Botulinum Toxin injector for many years. We at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics also tailor our treatments to unique patient needs. 

What type of men should get Botox?

Men from all walks of life can get Botox. Whether you’re working in the office or spend more of your days in the outdoors, you can consider Botox to look refreshed and energized. If you’re dealing with deep wrinkles or if you think you’re looking tired or older than you are, Botox is right for you. 

Just like women, men are not susceptible to the signs of aging. Many men are also feeling the pressure to look younger and more competitive, and are bothered with signs of aging like wrinkles. You may be glad to know that Botox today is more accessible than ever.

Why are men more hesitant about or scared of Botox than women?

While many are becoming more open to getting Botox or other cosmetic injections, some are still scared. Part is because of the misconception that the treatment is unsafe and makes people face look frozen. There is also the fact the male patients have low pain tolerance when it comes to Botox injections.

You can put these fears to rest by arming yourself with the right information. Doing a bit of research and talking to a medical aesthetic doctor can help clear up these misconceptions. And if you’re a bit of a needle-phobic, you may be glad to know that a numbing cream is used to make the procedure more comfortable.

Why choose Cutis Medical Laser Clinics for your Botox injections? 

Our medical and scientific director, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez has been a very experienced Botulinum Toxin injector for many years. She is a conservative aesthetic doctor and starts with a small dosage. When it comes to anti-wrinkle treatments, we: 

  • Offer safe and effective injectables to combat signs of aging
  • Provide a customized treatment based on what the patients need
  • Use conservative approach in administering the treatment
  • Have skilled medical aesthetic doctors to perform the treatment
  • Are transparent with our costs; we only charge according to the number of units you need.

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