Apart from the dreaded marks or smudges that deodorants leave on clothes, another complaint about them is that they can cause armpit discoloration. Is this true? Do deodorants and antiperspirants darken underarms?

Armpit Discoloration: Is Your Deodorant to Blame?

If you’re a regular user of deodorants and have noticed some pigmentation in your armpit, the products you’re using might be the culprit. 

  • Chemicals and skin irritation – Some active ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants can dry and irritate your skin. This irritation can result in darkening or thickening of the skin over time. Having sensitive skin or applying a lot of products in the area makes you more prone to these side effects.
  • Bacteria’s interaction with the ingredients in deodorants – In some cases, discoloration can be due the mixture of normal bacteria and minerals (salt) in your armpit and active components in the products. You should also know that the normal salt in your sweat or sebum can also cause discoloration.  
  • Aluminum compound – It is also important to note that many antiperspirants contain aluminum as an active ingredient. Aluminum salts are used to block sweat from forming in your pores, which then prevents sweating. The sad part is this can clog the pores in the process and cause further irritation and inflammation.
  • Another source of irritation – Shaving, particularly, with dull blade and dry skin, can also cause the skin to discolor and thicken over time. Frequent or repetitive shaving causes friction that can result in pigmentation. It is also believed that shaving can stimulate excess production of melanocytes (pigment-producing cells).

Preventing and fighting discoloration

Chemicals tend to be the main cause of discoloration in the underarm area. This is why it is best to steer clear from ingredients that can dry and irritate your skin. You can also switch to natural deodorants. Do take note, however, that some “natural” products still contain fragrances and other ingredients that may not be ideal for sensitive skin.

Other tips that can help include:

  1. Use a soothing cream or moisturizer – If you have some irritation and discoloration in your underarms, natural soothing products can be a great help. Aloe vera gel is a good choice, as it can soften your armpits, as well as reduce irritation and inflammation. You can also use it for soothing splotchy-looking rashes due to dry shaving. 
  2. Don’t scrape off the discoloration – Over exfoliating is one of the worst things you can do for discolored underarms. Scrubbing will only irritate the area and lead to more thickening of the skin. Be sure to stay away from abrasives like raw sugar and exfoliators with sharp-edged particles. 
  3. Avoid DIY brightening – There may be lots of home remedies for lightening underarms, but you should think twice before putting anything in your armpit. Lemon, for instance, is a common ingredient used, but its acidic component can lead to itching and irritation. This can then cause your underarm area to become darker. 
  4. Consider laser hair removal – While shaving is quick and easy, doing it frequently can lead to irritation and darkening. Waxing is also not ideal, as it can inflame the skin and cause discoloration. If you’re dealing with dark armpits and unwanted hair, consider laser hair removal. It uses a laser light that targets the follicles to disable future hair growth. 
  5. Try the Pink Intimate System – This painless topical solution can lighten your underarms and other sensitive areas like your intimate parts. The Pink Intimate System is specifically formulated, CE marked, and HSA Singapore registered. It has a delicate mixture of safe lightening ingredients that is clinically formulated to lighten unsightly blemishes and intimate areas.

Here are the other reasons to love the Pink Intimate System:

  • Can lighten sensitive areas with no side effects and downtime
  • Uses safe lightening, nourishing, and soothing ingredients
  • The entire procedure is safe and gentle
  • Improvement can be seen after the first application (the recommended protocol is 6 sessions with an interval of 7 to 10 days apart)
  • Allows you to feel better and confident in your own skin

Take better care of your underarms by minding your habits and the products you apply on them. You can also contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore today to learn more about safe lightening solutions for armpit discoloration. Schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor to find out what the Pink Intimate System can do for you. 

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