Hair-RemovalShaving may be the least expensive, easiest and common form of removing unwanted hair. However, not doing it properly can cause unpleasant skin problems and it may even lead to long-term skin damage. Therefore, it is important to know about the possible skin problems you may get from shaving.

1. Itching
First on the list is itching and this happens when the hair starts to grow back a few days after shaving. Shaving helps to cut the hair only at the skin surface which is not deep enough to cut the root. This means that the hair will come back quickly and there is the need to shave it regularly. Thus, the skin will continue to be irritated after shaving and scratching may lead to scars.

2. Cuts or Nicks
The most obvious reason of getting cuts or nicks from shaving is being careless. Cuts associated with shaving commonly happen because the person is rushing to finish. So make sure to have ample amount of time when shaving to prevent cuts and nicks.

3. Razor burn
Razor burn is another skin problem that is caused by shaving. Some people think that if they press the blade harder in the skin, it will cut the hair deeper. The problem is that shaving can only remove the hair on the surface and pressing it harder will only damage the skin causing it be painful and look inflamed or worst – swollen.

4. Ingrown hairs, Razor Bumps or “Chicken Skin”
The common problem while shaving is stroking the blade to the opposite of the hair direction and over doing it back and forth. These may cause the hair to curl back into the skin or otherwise known as “ingrown hairs”.
When the hair is curled in and it hits the skin, razor bumps occur. Razor bump or chicken skin is another inflammation that results to skin irritation, redness and scars. This is not just a shallow reaction of the skin to the blade. Razor bumps have deeper effect since the inflammation is from the hair follicle on the dermis and expanding up to the skin’s outer layer or epidermis.

Furthermore, pustules which are common in acne may develop and appear into the skin if the area becomes infected.

5. Folliculitis
Folliculitis is an infection in the hair follicle which usually occurs when the follicle is damaged through shaving, rubbing from clothing or a blockage of the follicle. Repeated tiny cuts caused by the razor can create small openings that can allow bacteria or fungus to enter the skin and damage the hair follicles.

Hair removal in the form of shaving is considered as part of our everyday skin care regimen. Shaving provides a quick solution to remove unwanted hair but it does not provide long term effect.
It may also be best to consider looking for a hair removal method that’s best for your skin.
If you want to achieve long term hair reduction, you may want to try different hair removal treatments that is done by professionals and choose a laser clinic that provides safe and effective hair removal treatments.