Pimples have a way of annoying us even more when they suddenly appear before a big or important event. If you go to bed with clear skin and then wake up one morning with a bright, red spot on your face, it is normal to search high and low for a quick fix or remedies on how to get rid of pimples overnight

All of a Sudden How to Deal with a Surprise Pimple

The key to banishing a blemish or clearing your skin is to act fast. And while the Internet has a lot of hacks to offer, it is important to keep in mind that zits will not suddenly clear overnight. There is no magic cure that can cause them to disappear after several hours, but there are ways to tame them or help keep your skin clear

Continue reading as we list a few things that can help manage your zits or reduce their appearance.

Apply ice or heat

For noticeable pimples, icing can help relieve pain and swelling. You can do so by wrapping an ice cube in a clean washcloth and placing it directly on top of the blemish. Hold it in place for a minute and then wait five minutes before applying for one more minute. Just make sure to cleanse your skin first before icing your zit.

Icing is ideal for minimizing the symptoms of an inflamed pimple. For a non-inflamed blind pimple or a type of acne (without a white head) that causes a painful lump beneath the skin, a hot or warm compress is better. It can cause the pores to dilate or relax and help loosen their contents and cause dirt and excess sebum to surface. 

Spot treat a pimple

The first step in finding the right spot treatment is knowing what ingredients to look out for. Topical treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or sulfur can help dry out excess oil to prevent clogged pores that can lead to acne.

  • Benzoyl peroxide – kills acne-causing bacteria while also drying out excess oil and sebum. This is ideal for mild pimples or pustules.
  • Salicylic acid – helps unclog blocked pores and dries out excess oil. It works well for blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Sulfur – helps remove excess oil and dead skin cells that block pores. It is effective for inflammatory acne or mild to moderate acne.  

These ingredients are drying on the skin, so make sure not to overuse them. You may also notice dryness and irritation when you’re new to it, so it is best to start slowly or talk to your doctor if you have sensitive skin or have other skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 

Try hydrocolloid patches

Also called pimple patches, acne stickers, or blemish bandages, hydrocolloid patches help manage breakouts by absorbing the contents of the pimple. What they do is create a barrier that promotes healing. It protects the blemish by providing a clean and moist environment that also prevents bacteria and microbes from entering the zit. 

When using these patches, clean the area first before sticking the product. Instructions vary, but most require you to leave it overnight but not over 12 hours. They are ideal to use at night before bed, but there are also invisible patches that you can use during the day or even cover with makeup. 

Conceal it with makeup

If you only have a few hours before an important event, don’t spot-treat it right away. While spot treatments do work, they can be drying to the skin and cause your pimple to be flaky. Instead, use a color-correcting concealer, like a green one that helps cancel out the redness of an inflamed blemish. 

After doing so, use a regular concealer. Just avoid heavy coverage that has the potential to make the cystic breakout even bigger. You can use a setting spray to set the look or keep it in place throughout the day. 

See your doctor for a cortisone injection

If you can go to a dermatologist the day before your big event, you can get a cortisone injection. This, however, is only for emergencies (like a day before your wedding) or big, inflamed pimples that don’t heal for months. What steroid injections do is reduce inflammation immediately and shrink large cysts. 

Cortisone injections can cause side effects such as pitting of the skin or depressions at the injection site, especially when too much cortisone is used. There can also be hypopigmentation or light/pale spots on the skin that resolves on their own over time. Cortisone shots are not ideal as regular acne treatment

Be wary of popping

It is always tempting to pop a zit with the hope that you can tame or calm it down. Squeezing, of course, is always discouraged, but if you’re in a pinch like hours away before a date, meeting, or walking down the aisle with a visible whitehead, popping can be considered, although not always recommended.  

Popping, however, is only for a pimple with a massive whitehead. Also, its pus or all of its content should be visible on the surface. You can do so by using clean (gloved) hands or cotton swabs and applying gentle pressure to pop or squeeze it. Avoid popping with dirty, non-sterile fingers, as it can lead to infection or scarring. 

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How Cutis can help 

If you are using some type of acne treatment, it is important to be consistent. This is because it can take several months for the treatment/medication to produce results. There are also cases where your acne may become worse before they get better. 

If acne has long been a problem for you, Cutis has several treatments that can help improve it and related symptoms. These include:

  • VI Peel Purify – is a type of chemical peel scientifically formulated for oily skin and active acne. It can help kill P. acnes bacteria, increase cell turnover to unclog pores, and calm redness and inflammation. It is ideal for teen and active acne and congested skin. 
  • Clarifying Facial with Sapphire – is a medical-grade facial that uses Sapphire Blue Light Therapy. It can kill acne-causing bacteria, clear inflammation, heal the skin, and tackle other skin surface problems.
  • Laser skin rejuvenation – heats the upper dermis to stimulate collagen regrowth. It can improve enlarged pores, sun damage and pigmentation, redness, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. 
  • Professional microneedling – is particularly beneficial for acne scarring, but it can also be used for occurring acne. It helps with the creation of new collagen, as well as improves blood flow, which aids in creating a healthy foundation for new skin. It can help keep acne under control and the skin clear and healthy. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about these procedures. Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore and schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor to find out which treatment suits you best.

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