VI Peel is not your typical chemical peel treatment. It is powerful yet gentle and can improve the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin. VI Peel provides a deep peeling effect, but without the pain and lengthy downtime associated with other types of chemical peels.

7 Myths About VI Peel Debunked

One thing that makes VI Peel a highly trusted chemical peel is how it can significantly rejuvenate the skin without a long recovery time. It also goes beyond exfoliating, as it can treat different skin conditions, including acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles. Check out the five reasons to try VI Peel.

As VI Peel continues to gain more popularity, several misconceptions surrounding it also surface. Continue reading as we debunk the most common myths about VI Peel

Myth: You can’t have a chemical peel in the summer.

Not true! This misconception probably stemmed from an important post-care instruction: Avoid sunlight exposure as much as possible, especially during the peeling phase. It is true that the skin is more delicate after a peel, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have any type of chemical peel in the summer. 

One important thing to know about VI Peel is a strong yet gentle treatment that sloughs off old cells and promotes new ones to reveal fresher skin. And while the formula contains exfoliating acids, this does not induce melanin production, unlike some laser and IPL treatments. 

The thing that stimulates melanin production or darkening of the skin is not following post-care guidelines like staying out in the sun for prolonged periods or not wearing SPF. This only means that diligently practicing sun protection measures (e.g., wearing sunscreen) will not affect the results of your VI Peel, regardless of the season. 

Myth: Letting the VI Peel solution stay on the skin overnight provides better results.

Not true! All VI Peel treatments should remain on the skin for at least four hours. Do take note that VI Peel’s formulas contain acids that self-neutralize in the first 15 minutes. It also has retinoic acid, which continues to do its job for up to four hours after application. Keeping it for that time allows the ingredient to work deeper on the skin.

This also means that you should not apply anything on your skin for at least four hours (including sunscreen). After this time, you can cleanse your face, dry your skin, and use the post-peel towelette provided. Some choose to leave the peel on overnight. And while this won’t cause any harm, it does not provide extra benefits after four hours.

Myth: You can’t get VI Peel with a beard.

Not true! The acids in the formula have no effect on the hair’s keratin. VI Peel, in fact, can provide additional benefits for men by exfoliating the skin to keep the follicles clear of debris, bacteria, and ingrown hairs. Chemical peels like VI Peel can also help men achieve a more refreshed and younger-looking appearance. 

VI Peel, furthermore, is safe and effective for men of all skin types, even those with darker skin tones. It can also treat or improve a variety of skin conditions, including acne, pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone and texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Myth: VI Peel can’t help with active/cystic acne

Not true! If you’re suffering from congested and inflamed acne, VI Peel Purify or VI Peel Purify Precision Plus can help combat and kill acne-causing bacteria. Both also contain a blend of powerful ingredients that can treat acne, including hydrocortisone which can soothe redness and inflammation. 

VI Peel Purify, in fact, is scientifically formulated for active acne and oily skin. It has a unique formula that can treat acne and deal with a range of concerns brought on by acne symptoms. Below are the benefits of VI Peel Purify:

  • Eliminates P. acnes bacteria
  • Calms redness and inflammation
  • Increases cell turnover to unclog pores
  • Suitable for active acne, teen acne, and congested skin

Check out our previous post to learn more about VI Peel Purify and what makes it the chemical peel for your acne-related concerns. 

Myth: You can’t have VI Peel if you have rosacea.

Not true! People with rosacea still need to exfoliate (carefully). This is to get rid of dead skin cells and keep the moisture barrier balanced, which can in turn lessen rosacea flare-ups. VI Peel can help with this, but make sure not to get the peel during flares and build up your tolerance to the peel.

With rosacea, it is important to start slow. This means that your provider will apply a few layers on your first session and add more layers as you get more VI Peel treatments. Also, for people with rosacea, you may see the “glow” or optimal results closer to  the10th day, instead of at day 7. 

It is, of course, best to consult a skin or aesthetic doctor to determine the right treatment plan for your skin condition. 

Myth: The Post Treatment Repair Cream will stop the skin from peeling.

Not true! Whether or not you use the Post Treatment Repair Cream, you will still experience skin peeling. What the cream does is help with dryness and irritation, as well as keep the skin moisturized while peeling. 

The Post Treatment Repair Cream may be more beneficial to those with darker skin tones and prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This will help support proper healing of the skin. It is also good to know that this formula can be calming for those with sunburned and sun-exposed skin. 

Myth: Chemical peels will make your skin thinner.

Not true! What VI Peel does is resurface your skin and increase the turnover rate of your skin cells. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn improve the overall tone, texture, and clarity of your skin. VI Peel, furthermore, is virtually painless with minimal downtime. There are also no immediate side effects, except for some peeling after two to three days.  

It is also worth noting that VI Peel is safe for delicate areas like the skin around the eyes. This can help in softening or improving crow’s feet (wrinkles at the corner of the eyes) and other lines and creases on the face. 

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