Facial Contouring

The appearance of a small and defined V shaped face is an important part of an attractive facial feature. Having a sharper and slimmer face with contoured facial features is the desire of most people.

Weight gain and aging mostly contribute to the different changes in your face. Unfortunately, chubby cheeks, droppy chin, wrinkles, fine lines and folds, and saggy skin cannot be easily concealed. As we age, our cheeks begin to lose facial volume due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin that serve as the support structure of our face. These appearances may give us a tired and downcast look.

facial contouring

Although having surgical face lifts can reduce wrinkles and sagging, it will not provide the desired contoured V shaped and slimmer facial feature.

By the help of non-invasive facial treatments such as facial fillers, it is now possible to have a contoured face without undergoing surgery. This facial rejuvenation procedures results in a gentle natural lifts of the overall facial features and a natural curved facial contour giving the person a more rested and energetic look.

The recommended treatments depend on various factors (social downtime, urgency to address concerns and budget) and will be discussed during consultation.