The earliest signs of aging show up around the eye area because of the thin and delicate skin that surrounds it. Fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin and other eye concerns can appear sooner than you expect and betray your age. These signs of aging can also make you look tired and older than you are.

Why is the eye area susceptible to early signs of aging?

The thin skin around the eyes is one of the main reasons why it is prone to skin laxity and other early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Here are the other factors/reasons that make the eye area vulnerable:

  • The tissue under the eyes lacks supporting elements – The area contains few soft tissues like fat or muscles –the elements designed to make the skin strong and resilient. Without enough of these, the skin in the area can cave in or appear sunken.
  • It’s just skin that covers the hollow space of the eye socket – this doesn’t provide any solid foundation, which can then make the area appear sunken, hollow, and dark over time.
  • The effects of bad habits can show up on the eyes – Lack of sleep, poor diet, U exposure, and too much stress can sometimes lead to dark circles and eye bags, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the most common eye area concerns?

  • Droopy eyes – Eyelids can begin to sag or droop down due to gravity and loss of skin elasticity. The eyelid muscles, furthermore, weaken and stretch with age, resulting in a droopy appearance. This can make your eyes or face look dull and tired.
  • Eye bags – Puffiness under the eyes is common with aging. This can appear when the fat and muscles supporting the eyes droop down, which then causes the area to look puffy. Fluid accumulation below the eyes can also make it look swollen.
  • Dark circles – Some are just born with dark circles under the eyes, as the discoloration can be hereditary. It can also be due to the natural aging process and other factors like tiredness, stress, and lack of sleep. Dark circles are often accompanied by eye bags.
  • Crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes – These refers to the etched lines in the corner of the eye. Such wrinkles can become deeper or more pronounced over time. Common causes of crow’s feet include loss of skin elasticity, UV exposure, and repetitive facial expressions like squinting.
  • Tear troughs – Tear trough hollows can be due to aging and volume loss, particularly in the mid-cheek. It can also run in families, as some people have less fat under the eye with pigmented skin. This can cause the area to appear hollow or sunken, along with dark circles and eye bags.

How can we help?

Whether you’re worried about eye wrinkles, dark circles, sunken eyes, and droopy eyelids, we at Cutis Laser Clinics can help. We provide a number of medical aesthetic treatments that can correct or improve signs of aging around the eyes. We also offer skin care products that can help you take better care of your eye area.

Your individualized treatment plan, depending on various factors such as your acceptable social downtime, your expected time frame and budget, will be explained in detail during your consultation with our Harvard trained Medical Director, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.