No one wants to look tired or exhausted. Unfortunately, certain cues on your face might tell otherwise and make you look like you haven’t slept even if you get enough shut-eye. Dark circles, pale skin, wrinkles, and fine lines can make your face look tired or stressed even when you feel okay.

It can be extremely frustrating to hear someone say “you look tired”, especially when you feel perfectly rested. The thin and delicate skin around the eyes tends to show the most visual cues, as its skin is thinner than the rest of the face. The tired appearance can also be due to your pale or lackluster complexion.

What’s making your face look tired?

One sad part about looking tired is that people can perceive you as unhealthy or older. This can also affect how others might interact with you, particularly if your face gives off a fatigued or a sleepy look. So what are the visual cues of a tired-looking face?

  • Swollen or puffy eyes – Mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes is common as you Moreover, when the skin starts to sag, the fat around the eye can move into the area beneath it, resulting in puffiness. Other factors that contribute to the formation of puffy eyes include smoking, allergies, fluid retention, and genetics.
  • Dark circles around the eyes – Under eye darkness is often hereditary and tends to be more common among those with darker skin tone. Dark circles also tend to get darker with age, as the skin under the eye gets thinner. They also become more visible as you get older.
  • Fine lines – These are little and shallow creases that can form anywhere on the face. Fine lines are common around the eyes and mouth, as the skin in such areas is thin and moves a lot with facial expressions. The loss of collagen and elastin due to aging causes fine lines. Other factors at play include genetics, sun exposure, repetitive facial expressions, and smoking. Fine lines can turn into wrinkles as you age.
  • Dull skin – The buildup of dead skin cells on your face can make it look dull and lackluster. The same is also true if you have dry or dehydrated skin. Common contributing factors to dull skin include inadequate sleep, overexposure to the sun, stress, and aging.

While lack of sleep can make your face look tired, it isn’t the only culprit. Genes, aging, and bad habits can also affect your overall appearance. Positive lifestyle changes, along with the right aesthetic treatments, can turn a tired-looking face into a fresh and rejuvenated one.

How can we help?

At Cutis Laser Clinics, we understand how these changes negatively affect the way you look and feel. We offer a range of medical aesthetic treatments that can address or improve the visual cues of a tired-looking face. We have procedures for reviving dull skin, softening fine lines, and improving dark circles and puffiness.

Your individualized treatment plan, depending on various factors such as your acceptable social downtime, your expected time frame and budget, will be explained in detail during your consultation with our Harvard trained Medical Director, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez