The skin under the eyes is much thinner than the skin on our face, and so leaky blood vessels easily show through this delicate area. When hemoglobin breaks down, the pigmented degradation product it leaves pools under the eyes, leaving a bluish, purple cast.

What Really Causes Dark Under Eye Circles and Eye bags?

Dark under Eye Circles

Contrary to popular belief, stress and tiredness do not directly cause under eye pigmentation, although lack of sleep can make the skin paler and make the pigment in darker contrast to the surrounding skin. Many under eyes treatment promise lightening benefits and fail because of their limited understanding of what really causes dark under eye circles.

Fluid also naturally accumulates under the eyes during sleep, aggravating the dark circles further.While high salt intake does not directly cause dark circles, it does give rise to puffiness under the eyes as water always finds its way from low-sodium to high-sodium parts of your body. Because the skin around the eyes is thin, any fluid retention in this area becomes more visible.

Eyebags may also be caused by protrusion of fatty pads under the eye. In this case, you would need to see a skin care specialist in a medical aesthetic clinic for suitable treatment alternatives. You can minimize getting eye bags not only by reducing your salt intake but also by avoiding sleeping on your stomach, which forces the fluid to collect in the lower eyelids. Sleep on your back instead and elevate your head with an extra pillow so the fluid drains out of the eye area naturally.

Dark Circles No More – How It Works

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To effectively minimize the appearance of dark under eyes, you need a serum that addresses the real causes of pigmentation and fluid retention in this area. Dr. Sylvia’s Dark Circles No More targets the root cause of dark under eyes by enhancing the skin’s capacity to release heme, a pigmented byproduct of haemoglobin breakdown, strengthening capillaries so they don’t leak, increasing the collagen fiber synthesis to smooth out wrinkles, stimulating lymphatic circulation, and actively controlling and reducing localized inflammation.

Dark Circles No More was developed by Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, a Harvard-trained physician and leading anti-aging specialist in Singapore renowned for her evidence-based and research-proven approach to achieving ‘confident beauty through science.’

Two active ingredients of Dark Circles No More are Haloxyl and Shadownyl. Haloxyl triggers growth of keratonicytes crucial for skin renewal (to replace hardened dead skin cells that create a splotchy appearance), and Shadownyl protects and softens skin, preserving its lipidic balance. The effects is lightening of skin tone and smoothing out of fine lines around the eye area. Biophytex, also an active ingredient, reduces dark circles with its anti-inflammatory and lifting effects.

Protecting Your Eyes from Sun Damage

Protecting Your Eyes from Sun Damage

Often, when we slather sunscreen, we overlook protecting the delicate under eye area which is prone to getting sun-damaged like the rest of the face.There are plenty of eye creams to choose from that provide adequate protection, as it’s not always possible to wear UVA sunglasses when you’re in the water to go for a swim.

When choosing sunglasses, look for sufficient coverage that wraps around the eyes to prevent giving rise to, or aggravating, crow’s feet. Always wear eye protection even when it’s overcast, as frequent squinting will leave creases around your eyes and make the area prone to developing fine lines. While you can banish these fines with eye wrinkles treatment, small acts of prevention are always better than a bigger dose of cure.