Although both males and females can develop cellulite, it is a lot more common in women. It is believed to affect about 80 to 90% of women in varying levels and can occur regardless of weight and body type. Cellulite is also considered normal and common, but many women who have it dislike its appearance.

Cellulite-More-Common-in-WomenFats cells affect the development and appearance of cellulite, but it is more complex than weight gain or excess weight. It is more common in those who carry excess fat, but slim and skinny individuals can develop cellulite too. 

So, why is cellulite more common in women?

There is no straightforward answer as to why women (or women’s bodies) are more prone to cellulite. The following factors are at play:

Hormones – The level of estrogen (the female sex hormones) is said to decline as women approach menopause. It then decreases the blood flow to the connective tissues, causing fat cells enlargement and lower collagen production. These factors can make fat more visible, resulting in the appearance of skin dimpling.

Genetics – Cellulite tends to run in families. Having a close relative (mother or grandmother) with cellulite increases a person’s chance of developing it. Also, certain genetic factors related to ethnicity, metabolism speed, and distribution of fat can affect the chances of developing cellulite.  

Fat and connective tissue distribution – Women’s thinner skin and underlying vertical structures causes the fat cells to protrude, contributing to the appearance of cellulite. Men, on the other hand, have thicker skin with crisscross tissue structure, which explains why they are less likely to develop cellulite than females. 

Fat amount and storage – In general, women have a higher body fat percentage than men. Females’ body fat content is about 15%, while men’s sit at 15%. Also, women tend to store more fat on legs, thighs, and buttocks, which are the common areas for cellulite. Men, meanwhile, have more fat on their abdomen. 

Aging – Thinning skin due to aging can make the appearance of cellulite worse. Lower estrogen levels that occur with aging also causes your skin to become less elastic and thinner over time, contributing to more sagging and wrinkling. This then causes skin dimpling to appear as you get older. 

Can I get rid of cellulite?

There is no cure for cellulite. Certain creams and lotions may help reduce its appearance temporarily, but they cannot completely eliminate skin dimpling. Fortunately, there are a few aesthetic treatments that can firm the skin and minimize cellulite appearance. These include:

Acoustic Shockwave

Acoustic shockwave therapy is a US FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure for treating and improving the appearance of cellulite, scars, and loose skin. At Cutis Laser Clinics, we have two clinically proven acoustic shockwave devices in the market: BTL X Wave and Zimmer Z Wave.

Both devices use a handheld device that emits acoustic waves that cause pressure and vibrations to connective tissues. This breaks down the accumulation of cellulite’s cell structures, making the tissues softer and more active. The vibrations also help firm the skin and increase the elasticity of the epidermis.

BTL® Exilis Ultra 360™

BTL® Exilis Ultra 360™ is a US FDA-cleared procedure used for reducing fat and tightening skin on the face, and other various body skin concerns. It taps into the power of radiofrequency (RF) waves and ultrasound energy to melt the fat cells underneath while stimulating the production of new collagen. 

Exilis Ultra uses a handpiece that delivers monopolar RF energy with ultrasound. This penetrates the deep layers of the skin, which is beneficial in reducing fat. It also has a controlled cooling mechanism to protect the skin during the procedure. Exilis Ultra, furthermore, has a smaller handpiece used for non-invasive wrinkle reduction

Dermapen-4™ Microneedling

Dermapen 4 is an advanced microneedling device that vertically pierces the skin. This induces an immune response in the body, resulting in a series of reactions that leads to the production of collagen. Moreover, microneedling activates the healing function of the skin, which helps in creating a healthier skin surface appearance. 

Dermapen 4 also ignites collagen and elastin production. This helps repair the skin surface, reduce lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, and promote an even complexion. It also has a dedicated scar setting and protocol for revision of deep and atrophic scars. It can help improve stretch marks

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