Viviscal® Professional dietary supplements are scientifically formulated with the exclusive and clinically-proven AminoMar C™ marine complex, which helps nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within.


Viviscal® Professional help nourish hair that is prone to breakage and shedding due to heat styling, coloring, extensions and over styling.

Benefits of Viviscal® Professional

  • 100% drug free
  • Clinically-proven to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within
  • Suitable for both men and women

In clinical trial, 80% of Viviscal® users saw a statistically significant increase in the number of hairs after six months*.


Viviscal® Professional Ingredients
Developed with the finest ingredients of natural origins to nourish hair and promote existing hair growth.

  1. Exclusive AminoMar C marine complex provides essential nutrients needed to nourish thinning hair and promote hair growth from within
  2. Apple Extract Powder (Procyanidin B-2) has been shown to increase hair density and diameter, promoting hair growth
  3. Biotin helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and thus, essential in the formulation of the hair structure.
  4. Vitamin C has been show to protect your hair from free radicals.
  5. L-Cystine and L-Methionine are essential amino acids in the formation of hair and skin, offering a positive effect on hair growth.

How Does It Work

Viviscal® Professional nourishes hair from within four stages. Users may see results within 3 months, depending on each individual’s hair growth cycle.


Stage 1
Hair follicles are nourished through the consistent intake of nutrients and marine complex in each tablet

Stage 2
Thin and wispy hair is straightened through increased nourishment

Stage 3
Breakage and thinning continues to decline, encouraging existing hair growth

Stage 4
Hair appears stronger, healthier, and more vibrant as nutrients are thoroughly replenished

When your hair looks good, so do you. Contact us at +65 6801 4000 about starting the Viviscal® Professional program today.


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