You might have heard about a beautiful saying that eyes are like a window to the soul. But, these beautiful eyes become blemish on the magnificent persona when these get caught with dark circles and under eye bags. When people don’t take required sleep due to late night work, addiction  to drinks, then their body can go under stress and they get dark circles & under eye bags as the revealing signs of it. However, there are other reasons such as heredity, hormones, allergies, and side effects of medication that can cause the issue of eye bags.

It feels so awkward when people see their face with the puffy eyes and bags in the mirror. The puffy eyes and bags not only give the person a tired and drawn appearance, but can also make him to lose his self-esteem. Having under eye bag issue is not a serious health issue, but it is more of a cosmetic problem. Do you know the issue of under-eye-bags can ruin the significance of a beautiful persona? Yes, it is so. Therefore, if you ever consider the puffy eyes and bags under your eyes then instead of letting them to upsurge, just take an action to make sure that you kill this issue at its initial stage. Today, as we are blessed with various solutions to get rid of under eye bags, you don’t need to consider too much about it. Browsing the following remedies can help you to abolish this sign of aging that is a blemish on persona of younger age.

Cold Water Bandage

Cold water gives a soothing relaxation to the eyes and it can assist you to bring down the effect of under eye bags. So, here experts suggest following the simple instructions.

Wet a clean cloth under cool water, squeeze it out, and after that place it over the eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. The procedure is the easiest remedy for the under eye bags and it will assist you to get relief from the swelling eyes.

Use Tea Bags

Do you drink Green Tea? What do you do with the tea bags? Are these thrown away in the bin when you are done with your cup of tea? Just don’t do that, as you can use these tea bags to relax your tired eyes & get relief from the tired or puffy eyes. It is good if you choose a tea like chamomile. Just go and keep the tea bags into the fridge to make it chilly and then place them over the eyes for about 10 minutes at least. This technique will give your eyes a soothing and calming feel.

Hemorrhoid Balm

Using a hemorrhoid balm can also help you to make your eyes feel stress-free from puffiness. It is one of the renowned remedies to eliminate the issue of under eye bags and get your under eye skin rejuvenation. This balm has ingredients that immensely support the skin tightening. It is good if you apply this balm under your eyes once or twice in a day.

Laser Treatment

If your under eye bags don’t get relieved with the above home remedies, then it is important for you to consult your surgeon. He will suggest you the best solution to get rid of this issue. Here, the solution may be the use of laser light on the affected area. When you undergo the laser treatment, the doctor focuses the laser lights on the affected area and make sure that these lights don’t fall on unaffected area. The laser lights penetrate into the skin and help to smoothen the skin pigment that lightens the dark areas.

Eyelid Operation

Here, surgery is another way to eliminate the puffiness under the eyes. In this, your surgeon will make incision into the skin, just under the eyes to remove the excess fat.

However, this eyelid surgery is functional enough to get rid of under eye bags, but as it is based on the incision that is immensely painful and make the patients to wait for a long time for recovery, so most of the patients prefer to undergo the laser procedure to get relaxed with the skin laxity under the eye area.