Achieving a slimmer face with Botulinum Toxin in Singapore is getting more attention because of its proven track record of providing safe and effective results.


Several years ago, having a slimmer face is only possible with surgery by removing excess bone, fat and muscle to reshape the jaw. Not only was it painful (physically and financially), but also it requires a very long recovery time of at least four weeks.

While Botulinum Toxin is commonly used all over the world to remove wrinkles, experts discovered that Botulinum Toxin can also provide face slimming benefits if injected along the angles of the jaw.

What’s even great about Botulinum Toxin reduction is that it can provide a natural and subtle improvements without major complications or recovery time compared to surgical jaw procedures.

Botulinum Toxin jaw reduction involves relaxing the muscles along the posterior jaw, the very same muscles used for chewing and clenching your teeth. In addition to getting a more attractive jawline, you get the added benefit of treating bruxism or teeth grinding.

Learn more about Botulinum Toxin jaw reduction and how it works.

How Exactly Does Botulinum Toxin Work?

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting a Botulinum Toxin clinic in Singapore, you may not know how the treatment actually works. Botulinum Toxin is actually a brand name for botulinum toxin, a purified protein that was first FDA-cleared to treat neurological and muscular disorders.

Today, Botulinum Toxin is also used and approved for a wide range of cosmetic purposes. It has been found useful in treating concerns such as forehead lines to chronic migraine. It can also be used to control severe underarm sweating, strabismus (misaligned eyes), overactive bladder, and cervical dystonia.

When injected by a trained aesthetic doctor in small and right doses, Botulinum Toxin is quite safe and can provide natural and amazing results.

What Happens During the Actual Botulinum Toxin Jaw Reduction Procedure

A Botulinum Toxin jaw reduction is a quick and simple non-surgical procedure which involves a series of injection into specific points of the muscles that we use for chewing along the angles of the jaw. Botulinum Toxin temporarily relaxes the muscles over time resulting in a slimmer, more feminine shape.

This is also the reason why Botulinum Toxin can help patients with bruxism (teeth grinding) as when the muscle is relaxed, it reduces any involuntary grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaw.

Botulinum Toxin is administered using very tiny needles that may feel like tiny ant bites. Most patients find the treatment very tolerable but for some who are anxious about needles, numbing cream will be used to make the procedure more comfortable.

The treatment can last a few minutes and you can return to your normal activities. Most patients will start to notice some softening of the jawline muscles within two weeks but the full results can be seen at least after four to six weeks.

How Many Dosage (Units) Is Needed for Botulinum Toxin Jaw Reduction?

Since every individual has different strengths of muscle, the number of dosage or units will also vary per person.

If you are doing Botulinum Toxin jaw slimming for the first time, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with an experienced aesthetic doctor to discuss your goals and expectations. From there, your aesthetic doctor will discuss with you the recommended dosage before your procedure.

On average, a minimum of 60 units will be needed for first timers in order to see noticeable effect. However, this amount will likely decrease the more often you receive Botulinum Toxin treatment in Singapore.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some Botulinum Toxin clinics in Singapore charge per area while some charge per unit. Make sure to check the pricing and only go ahead with the treatment if you are comfortable with the amount.

In Cutis Laser Clinics, we charged Botulinum Toxin at $18 per unit. We are very transparent with the charges and will only charge accordingly on the number of units required based on your muscle strength.

To learn more about Botulinum Toxin jaw reduction or to know if you are a good candidate of this procedure, please Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore and schedule a consultation with our Harvard-trained aesthetic doctor, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.

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