As your window to the world, your eyes are the first thing that everyone sees, and the most visible place you can make a first good impression. Facial moisturizers do that for the skin by hydrating it, but eye creams do a better job for the crows feet treatment.

The “Eyes” Have It: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Do you want to turn up with dark, puffy under-eyes that communicates a tired and worry look, or do you want to mirror a healthy and pleasant appearance even after hours of overtime work with little sleep?

under eye treatment

Especially if you are working in a highly competitive space where visual impressions put you ahead of others, you don’t want to appear to work with a hint of fatigue or anxiety. A regular dab of eye wrinkles treatment will help make you appear cheerful and alert.

Why Facial Moisturizers Won’t Work for the Eyes

Facial moisturizers are specifically formulated to work according to the physiology of the face, so they won’t work as well when applied to the eye area. They tend to be too strong for the delicate skin around the eyes, yet too thin in consistency to provide sufficient moisturization for that part of the face where oil glands are not as abundant.

Contrary to the belief that eye creams are just fancy moisturizers in a smaller package, eye creams are in fact designed to address some of the issues unique to the eye area, which is why a skin care specialist is likely to prescribe them over a simple moisturizer.

What to Look for in an Eye Cream?

One special concern is the dark pigment that builds up under the eyes. This dark area forms from the accumulation of melanin, the pigment of the skin, and heme, or the insoluble constituent of hemoglobin. Eye serums such as Dark Circles No More by Dr. Sylvia Skin Care contains active ingredients shadownyl and haloxyl that specifically combat the main causes of dark circles, active ingredients that you wouldn’t normally find in a drugstore-bought cream.

Apart from reducing the discoloration of under-eye circles, this serum for under eyes treatment contains another active ingredient (biophytex) that strengthens capillaries to help reactivate microcirculation. The active ingredients have specific functions because the serum has been developed by Dr. Sylvia Ramirez, a Harvard-trained dermatologist in Scotts Road, Singapore.

Puffy eyebags can be minimized by reducing alcohol intake before bed, and by elevating the head with a pillow to let the fluid drain out of the under eye area. With Dr. Sylvia’s ELASTIfirm Eye Serum, this puffiness can be addressed thanks to its active ingredient Eyeseryl, a tetrapeptide (a chain of amino acids) with anti-edema properties to reduce swelling.

For fine lines treatment, Dr. Sylvia’s ELASTIfirm Eye Cream contains peptides to moisturize the eye area and protect it against free radical damage responsible for the formation of wrinkles.