Non-Invasive-Body-Shaping-Cutis-Laser-ClinicsWhen it comes to achieving your dream physique, more hours in the gym is not the only way to attain your goal. While proper diet and exercise helps, you can always complement your effort with a non-invasive body-shaping treatment. ZField Dual is one good option; it uses electromagnetic technology to shape and build muscles. 

The Basics

ZField Dual (from Zimmer Aesthetics) is a non-invasive body-shaping device made in Germany. It uses electromagnetic pulses for inducing involuntary muscle contractions that can turn flabby areas of the body into toned muscles. It enforces around 27,000 contractions during a single treatment, which is equivalent to thousands of sit-ups.

The device has two applicators of the same size. Both can be used at the same time for stimulating opposing sections of the muscles simultaneously. It is also possible to use a single applicator. The applicator emits electromagnetic energy, which activates muscle contraction in the area of concern.

The treatment is done while the patient is lying down. One session can last between 20 and 40 minutes, done twice a week. Most patients need about 6 to 8 treatments, with a total treatment time of three to four weeks. A consultation with an aesthetic doctor can help determine the number of sessions required based on your needs and goals.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should consider/try ZField Dual:

1. ZField Dual strengthens the muscle fibers.

Exposure to involuntary contractions prompts the muscle tissues to adapt to extreme conditions. The body then responds to this by strengthening the muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning and a more toned body appearance. This only means that it can shape and tone your body without exercising too much. 

2. It can help you achieve the body you want. 

ZField Duals targeted muscle contractions can help you a sculpted abdomen or firmer and fuller buttocks. The procedure can: 

  • Lift your buttocks non-invasively
  • Burn fat and build muscles without sweat
  • Help you achieve a six-pack without extreme workouts
  • Have 30-minute ab treatment equivalent to 20,000 or more sit ups

3. ZField Dual can treat different areas of the body.

The targeted muscle treatment from ZField Dual can shape and tone different areas of the body. While it is designed to tighten and strengthen abdominal and gluteal muscles, it can treat the arms, thighs, lower back, and calves. It can define and sculpt your body without sweating or intense workout.

Ideal candidates for ZField Dual are those with less than 2 inches of pinch in their abdomens. A consultation with an aesthetic doctor will let you know more about the procedure and determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

4. The procedure is non-invasive and virtually painless.

ZField Dual is an ideal option if you’re looking to achieve your ideal figure without the pain, discomfort, and downtime associated with surgical procedures. This treatment is virtually pain-free and has no side effects or tissue damage, except to the unwanted fat cells through cell death and lipolysis.  

5. ZField Dual supports fat reduction.

Apart from toning and strengthening the muscles, ZField Dual also supports fat reduction. It can help reduce fat on different body areas (buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and arms) to give them a toned and sculpted appearance.

You can also combine ZField Dual with other non-invasive fat reduction using cold temperatures. At Cutis Laser Clinics, we have Z Lipo (also from Zimmer Aesthetics), which uses Cryolipolysis or controlled cooling technology to target and kill fat cells. 

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