For centuries hair free skin is associated with beauty and hygiene. However, there are still various myths about different hair removal techniques that is needed to be debunked. Let us find out which of these myths need to be straightened out as we understand the facts.

Laser Hair Removal Singapore1. Waxing shaving is been in use for many years and has been found to be very effective. However, some people are of the belief that it leads to thickening of hair. This is a myth. In waxing hair is removed from the root and when new hair grows out it is of same width or thinner. Waxing is a natural way to remove hair and it does not cause skin roughness.

Good quality hair removal wax does not contain any chemical and the myth that it leaves patches is baseless. Some people find it a painful process while others not. This difference in experience is due to the fact that some people have thicker hair which makes the process painful and the ones with thin hair barely feel anything.

2. Shaving is another hair removal technique that is being used since ages. The myth attached with this technique is that it leads to darker skin. If this myth had been true by any per cent then nearly all men must be having dark cheeks. It is quite obvious and evident fact that regular shaving does not lead to darkening of skin. Care should be taken on how shaving is done and the blade should move in the right direction.

laser-hair-removal3. Laser hair removal is the most modern technique in use these days. This technique is very popular among women as it leads to permanent hair removal and it can used on nearly any part of the body such as chin or upper lip etc. It can be effectively used by people who have excess hair growth.
The myth that laser hair removal technique can only be used on fairer skin. This technique works well on any type of skin. Laser hair removal actually works better when the hair is pigmented. The belief that it is painful is also a baseless myth as a matter a fact laser hair removal is a comfortable treatment if done with a certified physician.

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