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How does love affect the body?

  • Oxytocin promotes skin healing
  • Dopamine benefits the skin barrier
  • Serotonin has antioxidant properties

Protecting your skin while you’re in love

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Love, they say, can make everything better. Apart from easing anxiety and helping you combat stress, it also makes you hopeful and inspired. So, in celebration of the love month or Valentine’s Day, our aesthetic clinic in Singapore dives a little deeper into how falling or being in love makes you happy, as well as benefit your skin.  

Love is in the Air How Does Being in Love Affect Your Skin

How does love affect the body? 

Being in love causes your body to release certain hormones that can induce positive feelings and benefit your skin. 

Oxytocin promotes skin healing

Also referred to as the love or cuddle hormone, oxytocin functions as a neurotransmitter linked to trust, empathy, and sexual activity. Levels of oxytocin increase when you’re physically affectionate or in skin-to-skin contact with your lover, like during hugging or sexual activity. 

This hormone is said to promote skin healing and increase your anti-inflammatory response, which then benefit the overall look and health of your skin. Higher levels of oxytocin have also been associated with falling asleep faster and staying asleep. This helps you to have a good night’s rest, allowing your body to repair and heal.

A 2012 study reported that new lovers or those who are in the first stages of romantic attachment have higher oxytocin levels than non-attached single people. These levels remained the same for six months and showed high individual stability. There is also a 2013 study that summarized the possible relationship effects of oxytocin. 

These include:

  • trust
  • empathy
  • positive relationship memories
  • fidelity

Dopamine benefits the skin barrier

Also called happy or feel-good hormone, dopamine is known for regulating the brain’s reward system. Love or falling in love causes the brain to release dopamine (and other hormones), causing you to feel a high or pleasurable feeling similar to that of alcohol or cocaine. 

Dopamine is said to be involved in increasing microcirculation and improving the recovery of your skin barrier. Optimal levels of it can also uplift your mood and boost overall well-being, which may have an indirect effect on self-care or your skincare regimen. Feeling good about yourself may encourage you to take better care of your skin and overall body.

Serotonin has antioxidant properties 

Also referred to as one of the happy hormones, serotonin is associated with regulating body temperature, mood, and appetite. Love’s effect on this hormone is different in men and women. Men experience a decrease in serotonin while women experience an increase. 

This hormone is said to have antioxidant properties that can help fight free radicals. It can also contribute to good sleep and a balanced mood, which can lead to less stress and possibly balanced skin. Less stress can also mean less inflammation and cell damage that contribute to dull and aging skin. 

Those with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are said to have decreased levels of serotonin, which is likely to contribute to intense anxiety. Reduced serotonin when in love, according to research, may result in obsession with a new lover, as well as stress and anxiety in some people. 

Protecting your skin while you’re in love

While love is mostly positive, it is not always sunshine and rainbows. The first stages may give you a euphoric feeling like no other, but love can also be accompanied by less-than-positive emotions, as well as heightened stress, irrationality, and jealousy. This can affect your overall health, with effects that may show up on your skin. 

Investing in quality skincare and visiting a reliable aesthetic clinic help, as well as maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep can help balance the hormone levels in your body. Self-care, meditation, and social interaction may also help lower stress and anxiety. 

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