RestylaneI have heard a lot about Restylane and its products that are used to fix the wrinkles and fine lines. It is the first one to have FDA approval for using injections for facial tissues to fix aging signs and hone the skin. Although empirically it has been observed to have good success rate; but the number of follow ups and their frequency which is generally every 6-10 months depending up on various factors keep me little skeptical about the same. These factors include the type of skin, age and lifestyle to some extent. The procedure itself has a 2 to 3 days recovery time. But the touch up sessions is required.

So, going by the cost of this treatment, there is definitely a reasonable difference in cosmetic surgery and Restylane; but cosmetic surgery has more longevity as compared to this. And the side effects of Restylane need to be checked before. The numbness caused and the pain can make you go nervous. But that is only for some time and nothing to hamper you from undergoing the process. And it is always a better option to know the experiences of many people who have already opted for this. How did they feel and whether all this makes you comfortable and confident in current day? I would request more people to come up and share their experiences voluntarily.

If you still are worrying about finding an expert, you can find help on the internet. I have got to know that there are some in the US places (very scattered) who are known for their expertise in this realm of science. I would want to get in touch with them and discuss the case so as to know if the process is really beneficial or not. Besides, can someone also tell if this is natural or not? I suppose some hyaluronic acid is injected which is considered to be safe for all skin types and the weathers. The place I dwell in has to suffer from high level mercury shots quite often. So this already increases the skin irritability.