The coronavirus pandemic has made the work from home setup the new normal. This means more hours in front of a computer, collaborating mostly through video calls and conferences (especially on Zoom). And as virtual meetings become more and more popular, many are wondering: “How can I look my best on video calls?”

In this episode of Cutis TV, Dr. Sylvia chats with two professionals as they share tips on looking good for a remote or Zoom meeting. She is joined by Chaqa Hill, a hairstylist/makeup artist who studied for 18 years in Germany and Lynn Wood, a medical aesthetic practitioner with 15 years of experience.

Learn as Dr. Sylvia, Chaqa, and Lynn talked about what you can do to look amazing for a video call. From figuring out the best lighting to accentuating your key features and choosing/applying makeup, you can put your best face forward for virtual meetings. The three of them shared suggestions and recommendations with regards to:

  • Lighting  
  • Camera placement/ positioning
  • Finding your best angle
  • Applying makeup to look your best in 10 minutes right before a Zoom call
  • Skincare tips while staying at home

Get ready to look best on your next video call or conference. Watch the recorded version of our Webinar now!