Are your buttocks or thighs plagued with the “cottage cheese” look? Cellulite is a common condition caused by fat deposits under the skin. The skin appears lumpy as fat pushes against connective tissue, causing the overlying skin to pucker. Cellulite can occur due to unhealthy diet, a slow metabolism, lack of physical activity, dehydration, or hormonal changes.

BTL X-Wave

While usually harmless, cellulite can lead to a poor body image and a loss in confidence. Diet and exercise can reduce the appearance of cellulite, but may not get rid of it entirely. For fast and effective cellulite removal treatment in Singapore, try the new BTL X-Wave.

What Is X-Wave?

The X-Wave (known as Cellutone in the U.S.), is the latest non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite using acoustic wave technology (AWT). This FDA-approved treatment works by stimulating fat breakdown and boosting collagen production and in return, lymphatic drainage of excess fat while ensuring patient comfort and safety.

How Does X-Wave Help Reduce Cellulite?

The X-Wave uses modified acoustic wave pulses to induce vibrations in the connective tissues. These vibrations cause the tissue to become tighter and firmer.

In addition, the nerves are stimulated and blood flow increases to the treated areas, forming a stronger band of collagen and smoother skin. X-Wave helps with fat reduction by breaking down fat deposits which results in a reduction in circumference in the treated area.

What Are the Stages of Cellulite?

There are four main stages of cellulite that help determine the severity of the condition. These stages include:

  • Stage 1:During this first stage, there is an increase of fat tissue cell volume in the affected area. This increase is caused by an accumulation of fat inside the cells. There is no circulatory alteration but a minor dilation of the small veins in the fat tissues. During stage 1 there is no pain or visible signs on the skin.
  • Stage 2: As cellulite progresses into stage 2, the fat cells become a little fuller with fat. This increase in the volume of fat cells causes a circulatory alternation that compresses lymph vessels and micro veins. In the skin you may see some irregularities but there is no associated pain.
  • Stage 3: During the third stage, the fat cells continue to increase in volume. It’s also common for the skin to take on an “orange peel” texture and appearance. This occurs due to fatigue and excess weight. It’s also common for individuals to experience some circulatory problems within the fat tissue.
  • Stage 4: Stage 4 is the most severe form of cellulite and occurs when the swollen fat cells cause the tissue to become fibrosis (hardened). The circulation in the region may also be highly affected. During this stage, the skin above the cellulite may appear “shiny”, have a padded aspect, and be full of depressions.

Whichever stages of cellulite you may be at, X-Wave can help to reduce cellulite and improve the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Who Is a Good Candidate for X-Wave?

If you’re in need of cellulite removal, fat removal or skin tightening due to lumpy and saggy skin, you may be a good candidate for X-Wave. Many women are also good candidates for this procedure as females tend to have more fat cells than men.

The treatment is also effective for people with aging skin. One study found a 110 percent improvement in skin elasticity in female patients treated with X-Wave.

If cellulite is affecting your self-esteem or you simply want to improve your appearance, try X-Wave, the cellulite removal treatment. Contact our skin specialist Dr. Sylvia Ramirez today at the Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore to schedule your consultation.

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