How-Titan-Can-Enhance-Your-Healthy-and-Youthful-AppearanceSaggy or loose skin is one natural part of aging that many wish to reverse or improve. Although surgical facelift can greatly help with this, a non-invasive solution like Titan Skin Tightening also proved beneficial. This creates deep dermal heating to stimulate collagen growth to tighten skin without cuts, needles, or anesthesia.

How Titan works 

Titan is a US FDA-cleared procedure that uses a safe, infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin’s surface. This triggers immediate collagen, which then tighten the skin. New collagen growth leads to further tightening over time, with improvements on folds, lines, and mild skin laxity.

What Titan does is it tightens skin in two ways. First, it heats the weakened and stretched collagen in the skin, which causes it to contract and thicken. Then, it triggers the self-healing properties of the body to create micro-injuries in the dermis. This jumpstarts collagen production in the succeeding months for firmer and tighter skin. 

The Titan Difference

One thing that separates Titan from other skin tightening treatment is that it provides a more uniform energy distribution for heating the dermis than other sources of energy like RF or radiofrequency. There is also the controlled delivery of infrared light pulses. This creates precise dermal heating and limits the heat’s penetration depth to the deeper tissues.

Titan can successfully treat different areas of the body displaying laxity. This can be a good choice if you’re not qualified for surgery or if you’re not ready to go under the knife. Titan is also for both men and women and is suitable for all skin types. Here are the areas that respond best to Titan Skin Tightening:

  • Face
  • Along the jawline (Jowls)
  • Under the chin
  • Neck
  • Upper arm
  • Abdomen 

The procedure and side effects

With each Titan pulse, it is normal to feel a brief warm sensation. You can choose to take a mild pain reliever beforehand, but most patients find the treatment comfortable without anything. The skin’s surface is also protected through continuous cooling. This enables effective collagen heating without negatively affecting the epidermis. 

Side effects are minimal and there is no downtime required. This means you can immediately return to your normal activities. There may be some redness in the treatment site (that usually dissipates within a few hours) and swelling that can last for a few days to a week. You may apply makeup and sunscreen after the treatment. 

Take note

You may be able to see immediate changes, but optimal results appear within 3 to 6 months. This is the period when new collagen is formed and works to tighten the skin. One session of Titan can produce visible improvements, but 3 to 4 treatments are usually recommended to achieve desired results.

While Titan Skin Tightening is not meant or designed to replace facelift and other surgical lift procedures, it is a good option if you’re not ready for surgery. It is, however, important to understand that although the results are visible, they are modest or natural-looking. You can also combine it with other treatments like Laser Genesis (2D Titan-Genesis Skin Rejuvenation) to improve skin texture and firmness. 

To find out more about Titan, contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics today and schedule a consultation with our Harvard-trained aesthetic doctor in Singapore, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.