Let’s face it, losing weight can be hard. While most doctors advocate diet and exercise, these measures are not always enough to remove stubborn fat in areas such as the face, arms, legs, and abdomen. Fortunately, there is other safe and non-surgical option available thanks to modern technology.

Remove Fat

Stubborn fat deposits and extra inches can now be safely trimmed out with the use of radiofrequency (RF) technology that provides proven skin tightening, body shaping, and facial rejuvenation benefits.

BTL Vanquish and Exilis are FDA-cleared fat reduction procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to target fat cells, heating them and subsequently removing them permanently. Radiofrequency is non-invasive and a popular alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction.

Radiofrequency for Fat Removal

Why radiofrequency is so effective in fat removal is due to how fat cells respond to certain stimuli such as temperature. Furthermore, fat has a higher resistance to heat energy than the muscle and skin. This means the higher the resistance of the fat cells, the more heat energy it will absorb and the more it will die.

The fat cells will then undergo “apoptosis” or natural cell death which and gradually collapses and its content is digested by macrophages, cleared through the lymphatic system and processed as waste in liver.

During Vanquish and Exilis fat removal treatment, energy is delivered to fat cells. A combination of heat and vibrations cause a disruption in the fat cells, causing them to break down and eventually be expelled by the body. This technology is useful on all areas of the body, especially areas with pockets of excess fat that do not respond to diet and exercise.

How Vanquish and Exilis Can Help

BTL Vanquish is currently the only contactless radiofrequency technology that offers safe fat removal. While in use, the Vanquish system automatically calculates the settings needed for an effective treatment based on each individual’s specific body and fat quantity. Due to the applicator size, large areas of the body can be addressed during a single treatment. Use BTL Vanquish body sculpting on your flanks, abdomen, inner thighs, love handles, and more.

At least four to eight Vanquish sessions are needed to have dramatic outcomes. Results of Vanquish fat reduction can be seen directly after the first treatment. However, the best results are visible around four weeks following the final treatment.  As the fat cells are destroyed during the treatment, the results are permanent and the fat cells will not return. To maintain these results, you may wish to adjust your diet and lifestyle choices. As Vanquish non-invasive fat reduction targets only fat cells, the surrounding tissues are not damaged by the treatment, resulting in no pain or swelling.

BTL Exilis is another highly-effective treatment option for reducing fat and tightening skin. This technology also uses radiofrequency waves to melt away excess fat on either the face or body. The energy also stimulates collagen production within the skin which causes collagen fibers to unravel and fibroblasts to produce protein. This creates a skin tightening effect. From start to finish, Exilis is designed to be virtually painless and does not require any injections or topical aesthetics.

Exilis also uses a cooling technology in conjunction with heat energy to keep the upper layers of skin cool and free of damage. As the radiofrequency energy passes through the skin to heat up the fat, the cooling technology works simultaneously to keep the skin safe and intact. Both the heating and cooling elements are customized for strength depending on the thickness of your skin and the amount of fat being treated.

If you want to know how to reduce tummy fat without going under the knife, Vanquish fat removal or Exilis may be right for you. Schedule your consultation with our skin specialist and US Board Certified physician, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez today at the Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore.

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