While it is true that makeup can enhance your natural beauty, there are also instances where it can irritate the skin and clog pores. This is especially true for low quality products and those that contain ingredients that can cause irritation and trigger allergies. These include parabens, perfumes, and chemical dyes.


This only makes it important to read the labels and ingredients in the cosmetic products you are buying. It is also a good idea to switch to mineral makeup like Glo Skin Beauty. Mineral makeup products are known to contain natural ingredients that can conceal your imperfections, but also nourish and protect the skin.

Here are the 5 reasons to switch to mineral makeup:

1. Better and longer lasting coverage

There is nothing more frustrating than applying makeup only for it to fade for just a few hours. Fortunately, this is not going to be an issue with mineral ones. In fact, makeup artists prefer mineral makeup, as it stays put and creates a smooth, even finish. It provides better and longer lasting coverage so you won’t have to retouch frequently.

Glo Skin Beauty contains mineral-based formulas that provide unsurpassed coverage and UV protection. The brand also uses ultrafine minerals in a triple-milled process for even application and lasting coverage. 

2. Won’t clog your pores

Regular makeup and those with heavy formulas can sometimes clog your pores and cause breakouts. This can lead to more makeup application to cover and hide the imperfections, failing to give the skin a chance to breathe. This is not true with mineral makeup, as it is non-comedogenic and doesn’t contain irritating ingredients. 

Glo Skin beauty is 100% talc-free, which only means that the product will not settle in and clog your pores. Its base formulations, moreover, do not contain parabens, perfumes, and chemical dyes. This is also the reason why mineral makeup is good for those with acne-prone skin.

3. Suitable for all skin types

Mineral makeup does more than hide your spots and blemishes; it also nourishes and protects the skin. As previously mentioned, it also doesn’t contain talc, chemicals, and preservatives that are harmful for your skin. This is why mineral makeup is safe for all skin types, including sensitive ones and those with rosacea. 

Makeup products from Glo Skin Beauty are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. Apart from being non-comedogenic, talc-free, and cruelty-free, the formulations are also non-occlusive, which means that they enable your skin to breathe while wearing the makeup. 

4. Contains SPF

Another way that mineral makeup protects the skin is that it has SPF (sun protection factor) in it. You may be glad to know that many mineral makeup products contain safe active sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are known to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Glo Skin Beauty carries a variety of makeup essentials (foundations and protecting powders) with SPF in it. Do take note, however, that even if your foundation has SPF, you still need to wear sunscreen. The SPF in your makeup will only provide extra protection.  

5. Designed as an extension of your skincare

One thing that sets mineral makeup apart from regular or chemical-based ones is that it promotes healthy and nourished skin. It doesn’t sit on your pores and facial lines, while also being ideal for sensitive and blemish-prone skin types. This type of makeup helps you achieve a flawless complexion with their nourishing ingredients and minerals.

Glo Skin Beauty mineral makeup is uniquely designed as an extension of your skincare. Its base formulas are also infused with antioxidants and vitamins to correct, protect, and nourish the skin. 

Start with an award-winning mineral foundation 

Give your skin the coverage and protection it deserves with mineral makeup. Our clinic carries a selection of Glo Skin Beauty mineral makeup essentials to help you achieve a radiant and flawless complexion. You can start with Pressed Base, which is Glo Skin Beauty’s award-winning mineral foundation.  

This top-selling foundation provides sheer to full coverage, with a flawless, semi-matte finish. It is recommended for all skin types, as well as covers and protects the skin to keep it healthy and radiant. It can absorb oil and reduce shine while also concealing imperfections with its lightweight powder formula. 

Make the switch to mineral makeup to enhance your beauty and skin health. Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics today to learn more about the Glo Skin Beauty mineral makeup products (and shades) we carry.