Get-in-Better-Shape-without-Going-Under-the-KnifeGoing under the knife is not the only way to get in better shape or achieve your body goals. If diet and exercise seems to do nothing, you can turn to non-invasive body contouring. Whether you want to reduce excess fat, get a toned abdomen, or lift your buttocks non-invasively, there is a procedure for you.

Here is what you can expect from the non-invasive treatments:

Vanquish ME

Vanquish ME is a contactless procedure that uses heat or controlled radiofrequency energy to target and kill fat cells. This is ideal for losing inches off your entire waistline, arms, flanks, and thighs. You can also turn to Vanquish for sculpting and contouring your body without cuts, needles, or downtime

The effectiveness of Vanquish can be attributed to the science of impedance or the resistance of fat to heat compared to other body tissues. This only means that the fat cells can absorb more heat, which then helps in effectively triggering the process of “apoptosis” or natural cell death.

According to clinical studies, Vanquish is proven safe and effective. Just take note that results vary from patient to patient. Some may see improvements in as early as 4 to 6 weeks, but optimal can be seen after 4 to 8 weekly sessions.

CoolSculpting (by Zeltiq)

CoolSculpting is a US-FDA device that taps into the power of Cryolipolysis or controlled cooling. This freezes and eliminates fat cells without harming the skin or other tissues. It features applicators of varying sizes that target pockets of fat in the arms, belly, thighs, and chin. It can also deal with smaller fats like bra and knee fat.

CoolSculpting draws out the fat tissue by cooling fat cells to freezing temperatures. This then triggers “apoptosis” or natural cell death. The frozen or crystallized fat cells will be naturally expelled in the body. This then gradually reduces the fat layer thickness in the area of concern over time. 

You may be able to see results three weeks after the first session, but the dramatic results can be seen within 60-90 days. The frozen fat cells will not grow back and are gone for good. The results will remain stable, as long as you maintain a good diet and exercise routine.

Z Lipo (by Zimmer)

Z Lipo is an innovative fat reduction device made in Germany. Just like CoolSculpting, it also uses controlled cooling or Cryolipolysis to target and kill stubborn fat cells. This features handpieces of varying sizes to treat and target fat bulges in the arms, belly, flanks, and thighs.

Z Lipo works by suctioning in fat bulges using a handpiece. It exposes the fat cells to cold temperatures that freeze them to the point of natural elimination, triggering “apoptosis” or natural cell death. Then, the frozen fat cells will be metabolized by the body and removed as waste over time.

The thing that makes Z Lipo unique is that the two handpieces attached to the device can both be used in one session. This only means that two areas can be treated at the same time, reducing the overall procedure duration. It also features a strong vacuum pressure that draws a good amount of fat bulge.

You can also combine Z Lipo with Z Wave, a shockwave therapy that uses vibrations for additional fat reduction. Z Lipo can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. Clinical studies suggest that the combination of Z Lipo and Z Wave resulted in rapid fat reduction compared to normal massages.

ZField Dual (by Zimmer)

ZField Dual is a CE- cleared, non-invasive body shaping system made in Germany. It uses high frequency electromagnetic energy that stimulates involuntary muscle contraction of the entire abdominal wall or gluteal region. It can help both women and men build muscle and burn fat and enable them to have a more sculpted body.

The system induces targeted muscle contractions, enforcing a muscle’s highest possible contraction. Exposure to these contractions results in improved muscle conditioning. This firms the muscles in the treated area, which leads to a more toned and sculpted appearance.

Z Field can help turn certain flabby areas into toned muscles, especially the abdomen and buttocks. It can also treat the arms, lower back, and calves. Other reasons to love ZField Dual include:

  • Build muscles and burn fat without intense exercises
  • Get a six-pack without going to the gym
  • Lift your buttocks non-invasively
  • Get a 30-minute ab treatment that is equal to 20,000 sit-ups or more

You may also be glad to know that you can combine Z Field with other fat reduction non-invasive procedures like Z Lipo. This can be beneficial in improving and highlighting your desired results.

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You don’t necessarily have to go under the knife to get into better shape. Enhance your efforts with these non-invasive body contouring and shaping treatments. Contact Cutis Laser Clinics today and schedule a consultation and body assessment with our aesthetic doctor to find out which procedure suits you best. 

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