If your selfies have been sprouting double chins lately, and you want a more natural approach to get rid of it, there’s great news!

There’s a new safe fat removal treatment in town called CoolMini by Zeltiq. It’s one of the most popular double chin treatments in laser clinics in Singapore that’s earning raving fans who have long desired for slimmer, crisper jaw lines.

fat removal treatment

There’s no treadmill for your neck or jowls, and for so long before the introduction of fat freezing procedure in aesthetic clinics in Singapore, the only way to lose that double chin is to sweat it out so fat will start coming off your face as well.

Unfortunately, even slim people have double chins, and no diet or spot-reduction exercise can reduce face flab. The alternative is to go under the knife which has its own risks, prep time and recovery time that not many patients can afford to carve out of their already busy lives.

Tightening and Firming Creams

Others have resorted to DIY double chin treatments using toning or firming creams to tighten up the jowls and the neck area. These topical creams often contain matrixyl, a collagen-stimulating peptide (a type of amino acid) that promotes skin cell growth.

Other neck moisturizes typically recommended by a skin care specialist contain hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that works by acting as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissues. Shea butter contains vitamin A that has been known to improve a number of skin conditions such as eczema, blemishes, dermatitis and wrinkles.

But for serious individuals who want to use scientifically-proven products, a clinical based face and body cream such as Dr Sylvia Slim Contour Cream is an excellent option. Made from clinically-proven ingredient known as Slim-Excess, this cream tightens the skin by increasing the break down of fats and controlling fat production, resulting to reduction of sagging skin. This cream is also a great home care treatment after the CoolSculpting procedure.

De-Bloat Puffy Face with Facial Massage

Still others swear by facial massage. Facial massage de-bloats puffy face and tones muscles so they become more defined. If you regularly drink alcohol, you are likely to retain water and this bloated look often shows up in your face, especially around your cheeks and jaw line. Facial massage helps to improve lymphatic drainage to get rid of toxins by stimulating the circulation around your face.

With your chosen moisturizer, do this massage for five minutes every morning

  • With your right index and middle finger, hold the skin in the middle under your chin. Using the heel of your left hand, sweep up the right side of your jawline three times, and do the same to the left side.
  • Encourage lymph drainage by massaging the area behind your earlobes in downward circular movements using your index and middle finger.
  • Using both hands, sweep your neck area upwards three times. Do this by looking upwards and stretching your neck out.
  • Then sweep outwards along the jawline three times using the palms of both hands.
  • Do the same with your cheeks three times.
  • Sweep under your eyebrow and under the eye area three times using your finger.
  • Finally, sweep your forehead outwards three times using both hands. Start from the middle of your forehead.

Fat Freeze Procedure for Removing Double Chin

As with other stubborn areas of fat anywhere else in the body, like that sagging skin in the belly, double chins can’t be exercised into slimness. With CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure specifically designed for the submentum (the area around the chin), you can now have a safe removal of double chin that doesn’t entail recovery or prep time.

Coolsculpting works by targeting a problem area with a device that delivers precisely controlled cooling so the fat cells underneath the skin are crystallized and eventually die. Over time, the body eliminates them naturally without you gaining the fat back. Coolmini in Singapore uses a smaller device compared to those used for fat reduction and body contouring on the abdomen, thighs and arms (which uses bigger device applicable to the area). The procedure is totally painless and comfortable, and you can while away the time by reading, checking social media, and even napping.

Additional sessions often lead to the best results, although many medical aesthetic clinic Singapore patients have been satisfied with what they see after only one session.

Face the rest of year with confidence –without a double chin! – and book your appointment now at a medical clinic in Singapore. You will be happy with the results!