A woman’s sexual health is essential to her overall physical and emotional well-being, but not many women are keen to admit to their partners that they are unfulfilled in this area. Discussing with your partner your sexual needs goes a long way in achieving sexual fulfilment and bringing your relationship closer together, and that discussion has to start somewhere.  When it comes to sex, there is plenty of ground to cover, but you can start with the following suggestions.

Initiate the conversation indirectly

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If you are uncomfortable breaking the ice about your sexual needs, use a clinic pamphlet, a book or a movie to get past your shyness. That way, it won’t be too difficult to describe what it is that bothers you and how you want it addressed. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness or laxity, which can get in the way of a satisfying intercourse, an illustrative reading material can help explain the concept to your partner and open up to him solutions he may not be comfortable with.

He may not realize that vaginal dryness due to menopause can easily be remedied by vaginal rings, or that vaginal laxity treatment such as Viveve can easily be had from an aesthetic laser clinic. With appropriate medical literature, you can better explain to your partner how Viveve uses patented, radio frequency technology to tighten the tissues around the vaginal opening, and what its outcome will be should you decide to avail of the treatment.

Talk about your physical and emotional changes

Weight gain, illness, and hormonal changes can all be factors that negatively affect a woman’s libido. Talk to your partner why you may not be enjoying sex as you used to, as he will likely not be aware, as in the case when changes are emotional (such as being under stress at work or feeling depressed, all of which are roadblocks to a satisfying climax). If you’ve had vaginal childbirths in the past and vaginal looseness keeps both of you from feeling satisfied, you can decide to find out together whether going to a laser clinic in Singapore for a vaginal tightening procedure works well given your circumstances.

Define your idea of romance

Romance sets the stage for intimacy, so it’s important that your expectations are the same as your partner’s. He may find it romantic to cook you dinner, while you wish he’d rather buy you a bouquet of flowers. By reconciling the differences in your idea of romance, you meet each other halfway and minimize frustration (which can quickly ruin your sexual desire).

Bridge the gap between differences in your sexual appetite

It’s not uncommon for one partner to crave for more sex while the other feels that a once-a-week action is enough. As couples age, their sexual needs also change, sometimes for the worse given the stresses of climbing the career ladder while raising children. Especially for mothers who have given birth naturally, vaginal laxity is a very real concern that affects her libido and her overall quality of life. Bridging the gap might mean a trip to a medical clinic in Singapore for a non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure that would help restore her sensation and in turn, her sexual appetite. It might also mean dividing the chores so each partner has enough time and energy left for sex. By coming up with possible solutions and compromises, the gap can be spanned so no one party is worse off than the other.

Reconcile your beliefs and expectations about sex

Women are often thought of as less sexual than men when they reach a certain age. But are you actually less sexual now in your 40s than when you were in your 20s, or is your feeling affected by the widespread belief that as women age, they become less interested in sex? You may be left frustrated for not getting enough attention because of his false assumption that you are no longer interested. Take time to clarify matters with him so you get the satisfying sexual relationship that you want.