Rubbing your eyes when their itchy or dry feels good and satisfying. It is also seemingly therapeutic, as it stimulates the vagus nerve, decreasing your heart rate and relieving stress. There is also the benefit of promoting tear flow and lubrication, providing relief for dry eyes and removing dust and irritants.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Rubbing Your Eyes

The sad part is while this can feel good temporarily, frequent rubbing can do more harm than good. It can potentially damage not just the eye itself and your vision, but also the delicate skin surrounding the area. It also poses a threat nowadays, mainly because the coronavirus can spread through the eyes. 

Here are the other reasons why rubbing is not good for your eyes: 

1. Dark circles can appear darkerDark undereye circles can develop due to a number of reasons. Excessive eye rubbing can cause the tiny blood vessels to break, resulting in bloodshot eyes and discoloration under your eyes. This can then give you dark circles or make your existing ones darker. 

2. Increased risk of eye infection – You may not realize it, but your hands and nails can harbor lots of dirt and bacteria. Rubbing your eyes frequently can then transfer dirt and other foreign bodies onto your eyes. This increases your risk of eye infections like red eyes or conjunctivitis. 

3. Can damage your cornea – With frequent and aggressive rubbing, there is a risk of scratching your cornea with your fingernail. Studies have also shown that continuous rubbing can also cause thinning of the corneal tissues. This weakens the cornea and pushes it forward to become more coned-shape or conical. 

4. Can aggravate pre-existing conditions – Rubbing can worsen your eyesight, especially if you have progressive myopia (a type of short-sightedness). The same is also true for those with glaucoma. This is because the habit of rubbing can disrupt the blood flow to the eye, resulting in nerve damage and even permanent vision loss. 

5. Stretches the skin – Although it is highly unlikely to leave marks when you rub your eyes, it can still cause dryness and irritation. It also stretches the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. Doing it frequently can wear down and weaken your skin over time, which then makes it prone to wrinkles. 

Do your eyes a favor

If you want to avoid the repercussions of constant eye rubbing, put this habit to rest. Using eye drops can help, as this hydrates the eyes and prevents itching. These drops are available over the counter and can be used by anyone experiences eye dryness 

There are also other types of eye drop for preventing itch, which triggers rubbing. You can also ask your healthcare provider if you’re confused on which type of eye drop is right for you. 

Aesthetic treatments for more youthful eyes

1. Botulinum Toxin or Botox – If you’re bothered with crow’s feet or wrinkles around your eyes, don’t hesitate to consider Botox. It can also improve other types of facial wrinkles by temporarily blocking the signal from a nerve to a muscle. Botox can also lift the eyebrows by relaxing the muscles responsible for the appearance of saggy brows.

2. Ultherapy – This US FDA-cleared procedure can lift the skin on your face, brow, and under the chin. Ultherapy safely delivers ultrasound energy into the skin’s deeper layers, which triggers the production of collagen. This then enables the skin on your brows and other areas to achieve a visible yet natural lift over time.

3. Dermal fillers – If you’re dealing with eye bags and under eye dark circles, dermal fillers are worth considering. These injectable gels, which are commonly made of hyaluronic acid (HA) can improve the appearance of these eye concerns. Fillers can also soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, contour the face, and plump up the lips

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