Dr. Sylvia delivered a talk about Ethics in Aesthetic Medicine at the GlobalHealth Aesthetics Conference & Awards 2023. Held 21st October in Bangkok, Thailand, this event celebrated innovation and honored outstanding achievements in aesthetics.

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Ethical Obligations in Aesthetic Medicine

In her talk, Dr. Sylvia pointed out that doctors have heightened ethical obligations. She noted that the goals of cosmetic procedures are life-enhancing instead of being life-saving and that motivations and ethical considerations are different. Many doctors are weighing the risks and benefits of elective cosmetic procedures in otherwise healthy people.

External pressures from friends, work, and social media are said to be the biggest influence in pursuing aesthetic treatments. These make patients more vulnerable or more likely to undergo various procedures, which is why doctors need to be mindful and recognize psychosocial pressures and consider life events. 

Ethical Challenges of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Sylvia also talked about the Ethical Challenges of Aesthetic Medicine, which include:  

  • Appearance and aging anxiety
  • Social media and medical marketing
  • Market-driven discipline
  • Conflicts of interest 

Social media use is said to have worsened appearance anxiety and loneliness. There is now “social appearance anxiety”, which is a type of anxiety that centers on a person’s appearance and body image and having fear of negative evaluation by others. It is exacerbated by the use of social media, leading to feelings of loneliness.

Aesthetic Medicine

Four Core Ethical Principles and Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Sylvia gave a brief discussion on each of the Four Core Ethical Principles, which doctors should consider in their day-to-day practice. These include: 

  • Autonomy
  • Beneficence
  • Non-maleficence
  • Justice

Aesthetic Conference

About the GlobalHealth Aesthetics Conference & Awards 2023

The GlobalHealth Aesthetics Conference & Awards 2023 brought together leaders and experts in aesthetics from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The event celebrated excellence in aesthetic healthcare and honored notable Aesthetic Centers and Providers in Southeast Asia.

The conference promoted knowledge sharing, networking, and recognition within the rapidly evolving aesthetics industry. Dr. Sylvia was delighted to be a part of this event.

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