Profhilo bioremodels the skin by treating laxity and other signs of aging.

The breakdown of collagen and elastin as we age can cause our skin to sag, lose elasticity, and exhibit other signs of aging. While there is nothing we can do to turn back the clock, aesthetic treatments are available to improve our skin. Apart from Botox, lasers, and fillers, an injectable treatment called Profhilo can also do wonders for the skin.
Profhilo, which has gained popularity in Europe for years, is now also available in Singapore.

Profhilo is an anti-aging injectable treatment made from hyaluronic acid. Also referred to as a bioremodelling injectable, Profhilo is used for hydrating the skin, as well as treating aging skin that lacks volume and elasticity. It bio-stimulates collagen, elastin, and adipocytes (fat) stem cells for addressing skin laxity and other signs of aging.

Benefits of Profhilo((Bioremodelling Injectable)

      • Stimulates elastin and collagen levels
      • Boosts skin hydration
      • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
      • Improves the overall quality of the skin
      • Stimulates tissue repair, which is ideal for acne scarring


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