We are very excited to welcome Dr. Dennis Teng as part of our Cutis Team.


Dr. Dennis provides a great blend of excellent clinical education and knowledge with a strong passion for providing patient focused, safe and result-oriented care.

Dr. Dennis Teng has worked at various medical aesthetic centers in Singapore and is a physician with an interest in non-invasive cosmetic enhancements, particularly Botulinum Toxin(or more commonly known as Botox) and fillers to rejuvenate and enhance one’s looks. He also conducted clinical research at Allergan, the global facial filler and Botox company and conducted physician training around Asia to improve results that doctors can achieve for their patients using Botox and Juvederm fillers.

His personal philosophy of cosmetic enhancement revolves around combining different non-invasive treatments to get the best results. This is based on the concept that facial aging is really all about addressing the muscles, fat and skin that make up the face. Treatment combinations revolve around relaxing muscles and wrinkles with Botox, volumising shrunken contours with fillers and rejuvenating tired skin with a variety of skin treatments.

Giving patients visible yet subtle improvements is his mantra. Some of his favorite treatments include but are not limited to:

  • BOTOX for lower face sculpting for patients with square jaws, or sagging jowls
  • BOTOX cosmetic for wrinkles to ease backs the years.
  • Facial Fillers to remove deep facial lines, reflate sunken cheeks & or plump up thinned lips.