Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that involves controlled puncturing of the skin using fine needles. The technique was first used (and described in literature) in 1995 to treat scars and wrinkles using hypodermic needles. Since then, microneedling has come a long way with new developments and application techniques.


Dermapen is a leading, patented microneedling device that first used the automated technology. This was developed by DermapenWorld in 2010 and has gone through incremental design and function improvements in 2012 (2nd generation) and 2014 (Dermapen 3). Its latest advancement in 2018 paved the way for Dermapen 4.

Dermapen 4 is a microneedling device with dedicated scar setting and protocols for scar revision. It offers the deepest needle penetration ever to effectively treat thickened fibrous tissues and body contours. The device also features exclusive functions like Digital Display, New AOVN4 features including 16 Needle Cartridge, Bluetooth Enabled Connectivity (automatic updates), and more.

The updates and reinventions in Dermapen proved that the device (technique) is ever-evolving. This only makes it important to stay up to date with latest developments and new application techniques. DermapenWorld helps practitioners keep moving forward with its exclusive webinar and online webinar training programs.

As the company behind Dermapen keeps reinventing and updating their microneedling device, this only means that new protocols are likely to be developed. This is where being in the know truly matters, especially when tackling new indications for the device and exploring new boundaries with Dermapen 4. 

Dr. Sylvia is a big believer in continuous education and strives very hard to stay up to date with all the technological advances in the medical aesthetic field. She recently  attended the Dermapen World’s Online Webinar training program to continue providing safe, effective, and quality aesthetic services to her patients. 

About Dermapen: Microneedling devices (like Dermapen 4) capitalize on the healing process of the body to induce collagen and elastin production. Dermapen is a widely used microneedling system worldwide with millions of clinical procedures performed. To learn more about Dermapen and how it can help you, please contact us.