Flabby cheeks enrich the beauty of one’s persona and when it comes to the media industry, it demands for the individuals with well-conserved and uplifted & glowing cheeks. This makes people, who are crazy about making a career in this industry, to improve or uplift the hollow cheeks. For this, they seek for the solutions that help them to achieve their desire for flabby or soft cheeks without losing the charm of their existing facial persona. Fortunately, now the technology has blessed us with the numerous procedures for cheek augmentation, where the demand for non-surgical cheek enhancement is touching the sky.

Dermal filler is one of the most effective solutions for non-surgical cheek augmentation and it is used to enhance the shape and size of the cheeks without concerning about undergoing the plastic surgery or cheek implant procedure. It is a natural phenomenon that with the age, our skin starts loosening collagen and fat that results in changed facial contour. It makes cheeks hollow and even the signs of wrinkles start appearing on the facial skin. Here, cheek filler such as Botulinum Toxin (or more commonly known as Botox) or dermal gives an effective solution to abolish or reduce the appearance of wrinkle and allows the skin to rejuvenate with flabby cheeks. Here, one of the most important aspects is that you don’t need to endure the risks and high cost that are normally associated with surgery.

However, laser treatment is also there to treat the wrinkles and hollow cheeks, but still most of the individuals prefer to opt for the fillers like dermal. It is because these are considered as highly flexible and effective cosmetic remedy for facial sculpting, filling out the lines & wrinkles, and add volume to the skin. Normally, the dermal filler is based on hyaluronic acid (HA) that is a natural, non-animal consequent substance. However, the hyaluronic acid occurs in the skin that helps to create natural moisture and maintain the hydration in the skin. But with the age, skin loses its natural moisture and hydration that can be attained through dermal fillers. The doctor with the assistance of a fine needle injects the dermal filler, replaces the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid, and as a result, the cheeks get enhanced and rejuvenated.


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