Acne vulgaris and oily make up don’t mix well together. As acne is essentially an inflammation problem, using cosmetics – especially the thick, oily and heavy variety – can aggravate a break out and leave pimple scars.

The solution: non-allergenic make up remover and diligent skin care habits, and the expert hands of a skin care specialist for preventing or removing acne scars.

Soaps Alone are Not Enough

Hormones are the main suspect of excess sebum production (oil) that combine with dead skin cells (which create a breeding ground for bacteria) to plug up hair follicles that lead to acne. Hence, the most effective pimple removal habit is to clean your face with ingredients that are mild and gentle on your skin.

Soaps alone are not sufficiently effective in removing make up residue or calming down a breakout. Worse, soaps can contain chemicals that can irritate acneic skin. A better solution is to use oil- and alcohol-free make up remover and cream for pimples that don’t tug away at delicate eye tissues and leave no oily residue.

How to Treat Pimples with Cleansers

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After sweeping away makeup residue, it’s important to cleanse your skin so it can breathe while you sleep. To keep the redness and inflammation under control, use a mild wash containing azelaic acid, sulphur and kaolin clay. These are often the ingredients you will find in a medical aesthetic clinic specializing in acne removal.

Azelaic acid is an effective anti-acne agent that also prevents pores from clogging by inhibiting the growth of skin bacteria and keeping the pores clean. If acne has left you with post-inflammation dark spots, azelaic acid can help lighten the skin by preventing the pigment from reaching the surface.

Purifying Aza Cleanser with Kaolin & Sulphur contains azelaic acid as well as arnica extract that provides anti-inflammatory benefit and improves blood circulation on the skin’s surface to fade away dark circles and bruises. Sulphur is not only anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory but regulates sebum production, too.

To draw out impurities, dead skin cells and dirt from the deeper layer of the skin for that really clean feel from within, kaolin clay does a perfect job without robbing the skin of its natural moisture.

 Remove Acne with Toners

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Toners should not be skipped after cleaning when you have acneic or oily skin. This is because toners can help break down accumulation of keratinized skin cells that plug up pores. We know that preventing acne is all about making our pores clean and clog-free, so after cleansing, toning provides that much needed exfoliation that strips away dead and hardened skin.

Salicylic acid, which can also be found in Purifying Aza Toner with Sulphur & Salicylic Acid, penetrates the hair follicle and facilitates the break down and exfoliation of dead skin cells, preventing the buildup of bacteria in the pores to minimize break out. Salicylic acid also has depigmenting benefits that helps fade dark spots brought about by acne scars.

 Aesthetic clinics in Singapore use toners on their patients mainly to help control oil production, and therefore prevent acne from getting worse. Sulphur and witch hazel do not only have oil-control properties but also anti-bacterial properties as well.