One important process in keeping your skin clear, smooth, and radiant is cellular turnover. It refers to the shedding of dead skin cells and replacing them with newer ones. Cell turnover happens naturally for everyone, but it also slows down and becomes less efficient with age and other factors.

Cellular Turnover The Key to Healthy, Youthful Skin

Continue reading as we explain what skin cellular turnover is, what negatively affects it, and which aesthetic treatments can help promote this process. 

What is cellular turnover? 

As previously mentioned, cellular turnover is the process of replacing existing cells with younger ones. It makes the skin firmer and smoother, while also helping get rid of or reduce the appearance of aging more quickly. A slowed down or less efficient cell turnover may lead to issues such as acne, milia or contribute to: 

  • Dullness
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough skin texture
  • Pigmentation or dark spots
  • Development of fine lines and wrinkles
  • More noticeable signs of aging

Cell turnover happens in the epidermis or outermost layer of the skin. The basal layer or the deepest epidermal layer is where the new skin cells are born. The entire cycle from the cell’s birth in the basal layer to its shedding at the surface takes about 28 to 40 days. Factors such as age, genetics, and skin health can affect this cycle.

High cell turnover rate benefits the skin

An efficient or high cell turnover rate is one key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. It provides a multitude of benefits

  • Even skin tone – Cell turnover can reveal a more glowing complexion by reducing the appearance of pigmentation or dark spots.
  • Smooth surface – The shedding of dead skin cells helps smooth the skin surface, resulting in a vibrant and younger-looking complexion.
  • Prevents clogged pores – An efficient or higher cell turnover rate can help your pores from becoming clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells. This can then reduce your risk of having acne breakouts.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles – An increased or stimulated cell turnover can help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This can then make the skin appear refreshed and more youthful. 
  • Faster healing – A high cell turnover rate means that your skin cells regenerate faster, which is beneficial in healing wounds and blemishes, such as acne lesions. This can reduce your risks of developing pigmentation and scarring. 
  • Increases collagen production – Faster cell turnover can promote collagen production, which is the protein that gives the skin a plump and youthful look. 

How aging affects cell turnover rate

Young skin regenerates more quickly, resulting in a radiant and more youthful-looking complexion. The cell turnover rate of babies and young kids is twice as fast as adults, which is the reason why they have soft and luminous skin. Aging causes it to slow down or become less efficient: 

  • Dull and dead skin cells linger on the skin as the body takes longer to replace them with new ones
  • Less collagen production as we age leads to wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity
  • Hormonal fluctuations (menopause) affect the skin moisture, thickness, and overall health

Other things that can negatively affect cellular turnover include:

  • Prolonged or excessive sun exposure can damage skin cells and disrupt cellular regeneration.
  • Chronic stress can lead to changes in hormone levels, resulting in skin issues and decreased cell turnover rate.
  • Inadequate sleep robs your skin of the time to regenerate and repair daytime damage, which can result in dull and tired-looking skin.
  • Poor diet lacks a steady supply of nutrients needed to support cell turnover.

How to encourage cellular turnover

A healthy lifestyle which includes proper nutrition, prioritizing sleep, minimizing stress, and practicing sun safety helps support skin regeneration. The same is also true for exfoliating your skin using alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) or gentle exfoliating brushes. 

There are also several cosmetic treatments that can promote cellular turnover. Here are some procedures worth considering: 

  • Meso-Peel – combines Dermapen 4 microneedling and Über Pro Peel (a chemical peel formulation designed to enhance microneedling procedures). This refreshes the skin’s outer layer and promotes cellular turnover. It can improve dullness, uneven texture, and signs of aging. 
  • VI Peel Advanced – is designed for aging skin (40+). Offering a deep penetrating power, this VI Peel can reduce signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity. It also helps promote collagen production and restores a more even skin tone. 
  • Secret DUO – combines radiofrequency (RF) microneedling and 1540 nm erbium glass laser. It causes microtrauma in the skin which helps stimulate collagen and improve scarring and photoaging. It also provides gentle skin resurfacing without damaging the epidermis. Secret DUO can give you tighter, smoother, and clearer skin after just a few sessions. 

If you have dull and rough-looking skin with dark spots and wrinkles, non-surgical aesthetic treatments can safely and effectively improve your skin’s appearance. Contact Cutis Medical Laser Clinics in Singapore today and schedule a consultation with our aesthetic doctor to find out how we can help.