More and more men are swapping out their excess pudge for a leaner, more contoured physique. BTL Vanquish isn’t just for women. Male patients account for nearly 12 percent of aesthetic clients with non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as Vanquish in Singapore accounting for a good percentage.

What makes Vanquish so popular amongst both men and women is its “contact-less” procedure. Today, Vanquish is the only contact-less body shaping device on the market that can trim fat without ever touching the body. Learn more about BTL Vanquish and why modern men ask for it.


Destroy Fat Cells

BTL Vanquish body sculpting uses FDA-approved technology designed for deep tissue heating. During the procedure, the patient lies comfortable on a table while the device delivers radiofrequency thermal energy. The skin is heated to 101 degrees while the underlying fat is heated to 120 degrees, which destroys the fat cells. Over the next few weeks, lymphatic system removes the dead fat cells from the body.

Treat Large Areas

Vanquish has the ability to treat larger areas of the body for a slimmer appearance. Vanquish can treat the entire abdomen area in just one session in less amount of time.

Whether you’re a guy who is looking to remove the ‘muffin top’ look or simply want to slim down your entire abdomen area, Vanquish fat reduction can help you remove fat in areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

Stay Pain-Free

Many men are hesitant to undergo Vanquish fat removal for fear of pain. However, it’s important to know that this non-invasive treatment is painless. Most patients describe the feeling as being similar to the warmth of a heating pad.

As the device does not directly touch the skin, most patients will only experience minimal side effects such as warmth, slight tenderness, and minor redness and swelling. These side effects generally dissipate over several hours.

Get Noticeable Results

One of the biggest advantages of Vanquish is it offers effective, noticeable results with no pain or downtime. Most patients report seeing results after their very first session, but full results are usually seen within two weeks after the final session.

If you maintain your weight with a healthy diet and exercise regimen following the procedures, results are permanent. As Vanquish kills the fat cells (not just shrinking them like when you exercise), results are long-term.

Control Results

Vanquish non-invasive fat reduction treatment can be used in combination with other non-invasive procedures to enhance results. Known as the Fire and Ice Program, Vanquish ME can be used in combination with CoolSculpting to produce superior body contouring results. Both procedures have been FDA cleared for fat removal to produce circumferential reduction of the abdomen and thighs, making each an excellent option for eliminating stubborn fat cells.

Many men favor Vanquish as it requires no needles, no anesthesia, and no downtime. This safe fat removal device is also completely safe to use on everything from your back to your love handles.

If you have extra padding around your middle or would like to reduce fat on other areas of the body, treatment is available and without surgery.

To learn more about BTL Vanquish fat removal, schedule an appointment with our U.S. board-certified skin specialist at the Cutis Laser Clinics in Singapore.

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